RG-9 pot washing machine

Traditional pot washing has always been a laborious, resource-intensive task in any production kitchen. The Granule technology has revolutionised washing-up areas by making hard work easy. The granules blast the pots clean using high-pressure water and a small amount of chemical. Even stubborn food debris is removed with ease, and this technology saves energy, time and money while also reducing environmental impact and improving the work environment.

Manual pot washing requires soaking, scrubbing and sinks full of water. Rhima’s pot washing machines take care of the entire job, therefore eliminating the need for pre-washing. In just a few minutes, your pots are both visibly and hygienically clean thanks to a power similar to the efficiency of thousands of people washing by hand. The overall result is a more productive washing-up area and less impact on the environment as well as reduced costs for your facility.

These machines are suitable to wash items such as pots, pans, trays and utensils that are heavily soiled and difficult to clean in a standard dishwasher. The combined blast of water, detergent and granules – needed to remove the hardest dirt has now been combined with the efficiency of heat recovery. In this way the heat produced by the machine while working, is used to pre-heat the infeed cold water. This ensures an immediate energy saving of about 35%.

The steam coming out from the machine is cooled and condensed and will maintain an optimal temperature in your working area.

These machines use plastic pellets to add to the washing power. Ideal for heavily baked on GN-containers as they eliminate totally the need to presoak or scrub and scour pots and pans. These machines come in various sizes depending on the size of your operation.

Rack Sizes

  • Ø735 x 240Hmm with a useful height of 635mm
  • Ø 850 x 350 Hmm with a useful height of 830mm


Heat Recovery Unit means the moist air is drawn directly out of the machine when the door is closed, and used for pre-heating the cold water supplied up to around 50°C. As a result, the energy required to reach the final rinse temperature (approx. 85°C) is dramatically reduced. With the Granule machines you can save 3-3.75 kw/h.

This unit also improves the room‘s air quality and climate. The heat recovery unit reduces the exhaust air temperature by more than half so the entire humidity volume is cut down by approx. 10% of the Granule machines without a heat recovery unit. This permanently improves the operators’ comfort.

  • Eliminate the need for soaking and pre-washing items with the abrasive power of the projected granules, mixed together with water and detergent, guarantee an excellent result in a few minutes wash. Even with the most tenaciously encrusted pans.
  • Functional LCD display for constant temperature read out, cycle times etc
  • AIS 316 wash tank, body and impellor
  • Double walled body and fully insulated for reduced noise and heat escape
  • Double, vertical easy-fit wash-arms, with concave shaped nozzles to prevent clogs and to optimize the combined flow of water and granules.
  • Forced ventilation system to minimise the steam emissions at the end of the wash cycle.
  • Optional service trolley facilitates the unloading/loading of the machine
  • Power supply 3 phase 415+N 50Hz
  • Total power 13.8 kW
  • Total current 3x20.3 amp
  • Wash tank capacity 103 ltr
  • Rinse water consumption (per cycle) 4.4 ltr
  • Rinsing temp (approx) 85 °C
  • Tallest washable dish 63.5cm
  • Weight (empty) 303kg
  • Water connection 3/4" hose

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