Why Do You Need a Rhima Commercial Dishwasher In Your Fromagerie?

Commercial dishwashers are valuable to any restaurant or bakery kitchen, but are the advantages sufficient to justify the expense? New restaurant and bakery entrepreneurs can be tempted to save money by using an essential domestic dishwasher rather than investing in a commercial model. However, there will always be an exception if you use a trusted commercial dishwasher.

Cleaning your dishes in a commercial dishwasher can take anything from one to five minutes. They lessen the amount of time it takes to wash a large number of dishes physically.

After emphasizing the value of having a commercial dishwasher in your restaurant, the big question is whether you require one. Although this is only a backup option, many restaurants provide compartment sinks where pans, pots, glasses, and dishes can be washed. If your restaurant’s traffic surpasses your ability to clean enough dishes in time for the rush manually, you’ll need a dishwasher.

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Benefits To Owning a Commercial Dishwasher by Rhima?

  • It improves labour efficiency and kitchen space.
  • It saves time by allowing you to wash several dishes in a short amount of time.
  • You will get the confidence to serve sanitised dishes to your customers.
  • Commercial dishwashers are available in various sizes, allowing you to select an appropriate one for your commercial kitchen. You can also select the dishwasher that best meets your requirements.

Other Benefits

  1. Labour Costs Are Lower

No machine can replace waitstaff or hostessing; however, you should use appliances for washing dishes instead of manual labour. If you rent a dishwasher, they may concentrate on loading, running, and unloading rather than hand-washing each item.

Commercial dishwashers can wash many plates at once, but hand-washing pots might take a long time. The only physical labour required is to remove the dishes from the machine once they have been properly washed. This allows employees to concentrate on other aspects of their duties rather than cleaning dishes by hand.

  1. Stop Bacteria from Spreading

Instead of worrying about the dangers of hand-washing dishes, get the peace of mind you deserve by using Rhima commercial dishwasher. Compliance with food safety rules is an essential factor for food industry owners. Rhima commercial dishwashers make it possible to ensure that dishes are washed and sanitized following these rules. So that the food and drink you serve to customers is safe.

  1. Boost Productivity

The goal is to be as efficient as possible. To keep up, you will need to wash more dishes in less time; therefore, Rhima’s commercial dishwasher is your best bet. Because the cycles are significantly shorter than in a standard dishwasher, you receive the cleaning results you need faster, allowing you to change tables faster and improve customer satisfaction.

One of the most significant gains of buying industrial dishwashing is its ability to wash significant volumes of dishes in a short period. This eliminates the need to wait for clean pots when compared to hand-washing dishes. They can wash far more cookware in each cycle. This relieves your staff of a demanding chore and allows them to focus on their other responsibilities.

  1. They Are More Durable

The reason is simple: commercial-grade appliances are more durable. Your machine will survive longer, allowing you to recoup your investment over time.

Rhima sells commercial dishwashers to food service professionals in a variety of industries. We can also assist you. Count on our experience to help you set up a practical, functional sanitation system that works, from finding a spot in your current layout to advising on installation.

  1. Reduce Your Power Usage

From an energy aspect, Rhima commercial dishwashers are designed to be as efficient as possible. You’ll save money on your energy bill by using less electricity to accomplish more significant outcomes.

What Dishwasher Size Do You Need?

When searching for a commercial dishwasher, you must select one that will match the needs of your business. Here are some tips to help you in figuring out what size dishwasher you’ll need.

  1. Typical Turnaround Time

Do you clear dishes from tables regularly, and does this correspond to how long your customers are seated? Fine dining venues often have a two-hour turn rate, whereas quick-serve restaurants have a half-hour turn rate and fast-casual restaurants have a one-hour turn rate.

  1. 400 Racks Per Hour or Less

If you have a medium-sized commercial kitchen, you’ll need a conveyor, door style, or under-counter dishwasher. Wash arms sanitize and clean the dishes in each dishwasher, while ware-washing racks keep the wares in place.

  1. Racking at a rate of more than 400 racks per hour

If you need to wash 8 000 dishes every hour, a flight type dishwasher is the way to go. You set dishware directly on the conveyor in a flight dishwasher, which allows it to determine capacity based on dishes per hour.

  1. Glassware in Large Quantities

If your restaurant has a bar, you’ll almost certainly be conducting a lot of beverage refills, which will increase the amount of glassware that has to be washed. A glass-washer is excellent for washing glasses because it uses low water pressure to safeguard your glasses from shattering.

Rhima Service Support: Hands-on support 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Rhima is a national company with state service centres with a network of qualified service agents providing full backup assistance. Thus, all are coordinated centrally to give service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The after-sales support package includes the warranty, commissioning, training, consultation, HACCP, work safety, preventative maintenance, dishwashing parts, accessories, and detergent supply.

If you choose, Rhima can plan regular maintenance on a contract basis. Rhima can also undertake safety, hygiene, and temperature checks to guarantee that your equipment is running to needed standards for complete peace of mind.


How do I choose a commercial dishwasher/ What is the best commercial dishwasher? 

The ideal industrial dishwasher is tailored to your specific needs. A tiny glass washer would be great if you have a wine bar or offer cellar door tastings. If you live in a region where the water is relatively complex or chlorinated, you might want to consider adding a high-sparkle RO unit to improve the final results.

A small to medium-sized coffee shop, showroom reception area, ice cream parlor, or a small office environment can benefit from a bar washer, a machine capable of washing light plates, cups, saucers, and glassware with slightly more power than a glass washer.

Does my machine comply with HACCP Guidelines?

Rhima has created a one-of-a-kind monitoring program that considers safety, hygiene, and operational factors. Your machine will comply with HACCP criteria once it has been appropriately set up. We recommend performing a dishwasher safety hygiene test at least once a year. Preventative maintenance and HACCP testing on Rhima equipment are performed by Rhima technicians who have received special training. Temperature checks with a calibrated thermometer, residual protein swabs (before and after), and thorough machine preventative maintenance are all part of this process.

At what temperature should a commercial dishwasher operate? / Do commercial dishwashers use detergent? 

Items are initially washed in water approximately 55 degrees Celsius in a commercial dishwasher’s washing/disinfection procedure (depending on the residue to be removed and the detergent being used). What ‘cleans’ the item being washed is a combination of the temperature of the wash water, the detergent type and concentration, the agitation of the water during the wash cycle, and the length of the wash cycle.

The hot rinse water, which must be at least 82 degrees Celsius, sanitizes the washed items once they are clean. Thermal disinfection happens at this temperature, resulting in washed goods that are ‘clean’ cosmetically and have the bio-load count decreased to insignificant amounts by the thermal disinfection process.

Providing the best eating experience for your guests entails providing spot-free products every time. Obtaining those spot-free items is our goal. Clean wares will aid in client retention and increase repeat business.


Twin Star Washer Disinfector: Your Best Rhima Commercial Dishwasher In Your Fromagerie

The Twin Star disinfector cabinet-style commercial dishwasher is perfect for healthcare facilities with up to 30 beds, boardrooms, small hotels, guesthouses, wine cellars, business restaurants with up to 50 seats, family restaurants with up to 75 seats, schools with up to 120 seats, hospital departments, clinics, 5-star hotels and restaurants, and even large family homes.

Rhima has developed the ultimate sophistication for your kitchen, the Twin Star dishwashing system. It is small in size but packed with technology and features that make it the world leader in efficiency, performance, and environmental credentials. To wash 300 dishes, the Twin Star uses 30 percent less space, 90 percent less labor, 50 percent less water, 85 percent less detergent, and over 40 percent less energy than traditional systems. Consider the savings! Add in the ease of Twin Star’s simple plumb, plug, and play installation.