The Incredible Benefits Of Commercial Dishwasher In a Casino

People have fantasized how luxurious locations like casinos appear to be, with chandeliers, high-end clothing, high-end jewellery, and superb facilities. However, settings like this are polluted with intoxicating cigarette ashes and the unpleasant odour of wine and beer.

However, these factors do not prevent casinos from operating because legal casino tax revenue can significantly boost a country’s resources.

Therefore, casinos need to improve their clean and shining glassware, aside from their elegance. Choosing the best and most effective casino washer may make an excellent deal for them.


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Why Does a Casino Need a Dishwasher?

Commercial dishwashers clean dishes more effectively, in less time, with less work, labour, water, and possible hazards than a sink ever could. Sinks are fantastic all-around appliances, but the steady flow of dirty dishes created in a busy kitchen can lead to a dish pile-up that a sink can’t keep up with or handle. Dishwashers are available in a broad range of sizes, styles, and features. The compatibility of these appliances with a casino kitchen will indeed be a big help.


What Rhima can do for you when it comes to the Best Dishwashers on the Market

Rhima offers the greatest dishwashers on the Market and backs them up with a warranty. It is seen by our glowing testimonials, backed by our excellent track record since the company’s foundation in 1990. International enterprises with non-competing product lines are among Rhima’s suppliers. Additionally, since we want our clients to get the most significant outcomes from our machines, we ensure that our dishwashers follow HACCP and OH&S rules.


Benefits of Having Rhima Dishwasher 

Rhima has built a reputation with professionals with vast knowledge and practical expertise of its machines, providing excellent services in continuity and reliability for over 50 years.

Rhima makes every effort to ensure that its washing equipment is meticulously picked for its performance, efficiency, and longevity, making it appropriate for its intended function. Furthermore, combining washing liquid and a commercial dishwasher is the key to resolving washing problems to the best of their functionality, and ease is what Rhima stands for.


How To Decide What Type Of Commercial Dishwasher a Casino Needs?

Numerous practical considerations must be made to ensure that you select a commercial dishwasher that meets your needs. Here are some things to consider before making a purchase.

  • Cost
  • Size and Capacity
  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Ease Of use
  • Energy and Water Use

Fortunately, you may find all things mentioned above with Rhima’s flexible and affordable top-class High Sparkle 50 glasswasher and RR Rack Conveyor Dishwasher. This commercial dishwasher is made to comply with HACCP guidelines, making it beneficial and convenient for use as it features the following.


High Sparkle 50 Glasswasher

The high-performance High Sparkle 50 glasswasher has the washing power of a pass-through machine and is ideal for small to medium-sized restaurants and bars.

The High Sparkle 50 is the newest model, previously known as the Optima 500. When coupled with Rhima’s High Sparkle, the High Sparkle 50 glasswasher includes a scientifically engineered wash and rinse system that allows optimal flow and pressure. It provides gleaming results, particularly for glasses and cutlery, every time. These outstanding results are achieved regardless of the incoming water pressure, temperature, or quality. Glasses don’t need to be polished at all.

This machine offers a unique, clean cycle, in which the water in the tank is drained to drain at the end of the wash cycle, and the water used for the final rinse is conserved for the following wash cycle. As a result, the machine is always washed with clean water, improving outcomes.

For more details, see the specification document attached.


  • It will fit on a 50 x 50-centimeter rack.
  • The maximum door height is 34 cm to accommodate taller goods.
  • The machine’s status is displayed on a soft touch screen with a multi-chromatic start key and readout display.
  • Any defects are displayed on the screen immediately thanks to the self-diagnostic tool, which means the computer will inform you where the problem is.
  • The start key flashes between green and blue at the end of the wash cycle, making it easier to spot during busy periods.
  • Cleaning the machine is simple, thanks to the self-cleaning cycle and self-cleaning wash jets.
  • The machine is equipped with an automatic drain pump that allows it to drain independently.
  • Indicator for cycle run time shows how much time it remains in a cycle.
  • The thermostop is a safety feature that verifies the machine has attained the proper temperatures before finishing the cycle to comply with HACCP rules.
  • Built-in detergent and rinse aid pumps ensure that the chemicals connected to the machine are dosed and injected automatically.
  • Six programs vary in length from 75 to 200 seconds.
  • Because the Optima 500 features a drain pump, it can be installed in locations where the actual waste connection is above the machine outlet point (max height of 50cm).


RR Rack Conveyor Dishwasher 

Rack conveyor dishwashers benefit from being adaptable to any location and operation. Previously known as the RX range. A rack conveyor machine is a fantastic option if you have a limited amount of space. Pre-sorting and segregating tables and conveyors can be added to rack conveyor dishwashers for a more efficient and adaptable operation. Ideal for operations with a wide range of goods, many of which must be stacked in racks.

The RR range, based on years of heavy-duty industrial washer experience, is designed to meet the most demanding wash-up requirements. The RR line contains a model to fit your business, from the basic RR-108 to the huge RR-405.


  • Standard 50x50cm washing racks are transported through the various stages using a stainless steel ratchet drive. The drive is fitted with a safety clutch.
  • Insulated doors help to maintain a constant temperature in the washing chamber, which in turn allows for a reduction of power consumption for the boiler heating elements
  • CPF, which is a device that allows for the user to easily adjust the water pressure in the prewash or wash phase depending on each user’s needs
  • AIS 304 and 316 stainless steel, which allows protection from aggressive cleaning agents and salty water
  • The standard machines are electrically heated. Steam is an option.
  • Wide inspection doors give full access to the wash zone.
  • Steam condenser
  • Heat Recovery units allow to supply the machine with cold water (inlet water temperature between 8°C and 15°C) and to save energy at the same time significantly. The steam produced by the machine operation (otherwise lost in the room) is recovered and led through the heat exchanger (air-water). The energy of the steam is used to preheat up to 45°C the inlet water with a consequent reduction of energy consumption.
  • Detergent Dispenser, which means that chemicals can be connected to the machine and are automatically dosed and injected into the wash cycle of the machine
  • HACCP supervisor who monitors and records the machine’s vital statistics
  • Automatic self-cleaning cycle
  • Dryers


Service Support From Rhima

The after-sales support package includes the warranty, commissioning, training, consultation, HACCP and infection control, work safety, preventative maintenance, dishwashing parts, accessories, and detergent supply.

If you choose, Rhima can plan regular maintenance on a contract basis. Rhima can also undertake safety, hygiene, and temperature checks to guarantee that your equipment runs to needed standards for complete peace of mind.

We keep a large stockpile of crucial spare parts in our Victorian headquarters to service and repair our equipment. Spare components for our machines are also carried in our service vehicles.



Will my glasswasher remove lipstick stains?

Lipstick is one of the most challenging objects to clean, especially with the latest waterproof and 24-hour lipstick technologies. The elimination of lipstick stains is a hot issue. Don’t be startled if your glasses come out of the dishwasher with lipstick stains; they can be difficult to remove afterward. As a result, if you see a heavy lipstick stain, clean it up first.

However, with the correct wash pattern, temperature, and chemical dosage, your Rhima glasswasher may be able to remove lipstick in just one cycle.

Rhima’s High Sparkle glass washers may be found at


What is the best commercial dishwasher? How do I choose a commercial dishwasher?

The best industrial dishwasher is custom-made to meet your unique requirements. A small glasswasher would be ideal for a wine bar or give cellar door samples. If you reside in an area where the water is chlorinated or complex, you might want to consider adding a high-sparkle RO unit to improve the final results.

A bar washer, a machine capable of cleaning light plates, cups, saucers, and glassware with slightly more power than a glasswasher, can benefit a small to a medium-sized coffee shop, showroom reception area, ice cream parlor, or small office environment.

A good HACCP hygiene principle is that pass-through machines provide a clear physical boundary between soiled and clean goods. A pass-through dishwasher would be better suitable for a more extensive operation. Sinks and overhead spray units can be added to inlet benches (pre-rinse spray). Note that a pre-rinse spray should not be linked to hot water for safety reasons and that lukewarm water should be used to avoid soil baking.


When it comes to commercial dishwashers, how long do they last?

A variety of factors determines a commercial dishwasher’s life expectancy; nevertheless, a dishwasher should provide 8 years of reliable operation under normal conditions and usage. However, even if some of the technology is antiquated, there are instances where a system that is 20 years old is still operating well.

These days, the expense of maintenance is what decides the life of a commercial dishwasher. When one of these elements fails due to the usage of bespoke electronics, the repair cost may be more than the entire replacement cost.


Complete Your Cleaning System With Rhima!

Suppose you decide to purchase a commercial dishwasher to resolve your tidying up the casino and its kitchen and working areas. In that case, Rhima’s high-quality and customized products are what best fit your needs. So, visit our page to see more of these outstanding washing products, all made for your convenience!