Granules detergent bucket

The Granules detergent bucket comes in 9kg units. Pellets used with the Rhima Granule washers RG-9, RG-9 HR & RG-10 HR.

These machines are optimal for washing hard burnt crust off the bottom of pans, pots, roasting dishes and other items. The pellets and water shoots out from the sides of the machine and creates a reaction when it hits the burnt substance and causes it to wash off. SO forget about having to scrub pots and pans for hours, those days are over.

The mix of the granules with the water is made before the entrance in the pump’s body, minimising the mechanical friction between granules and the pump’s components, for longer durability.

Note that the substances have to be burnt onto the pots and pans, if the mixture is still dough then the pellets will just sink into the dough and will not clean properly.


Granule Pellets comes in a 9 kg bucket which can be purchased via emailing [email protected] or calling 1300 347 944

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