Fixing Your Mortuary Woes With The Help of An Industrial Washer!

Funerals are never a happy occasion, no matter what kind of person you might be. They’re sad enough to the point where mortuary owners have their hands complete with the grieving families in the first place. Most mortuary owners can get away with a simple funerary service for the deceased’s loved ones – but that isn’t necessarily the case every single time. Most mortuary owners need to keep their tools and equipment as clean as possible to ensure that no bacteria can get through every time they use their equipment. For a long time now, the industry-standard when it comes to cleaning their mortuary equipment. But you can do a lot better than that nowadays – all with the help of a bit of thing called industrial dishwashers. 

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The big dishwashing dilemma: why your mortuary needs a washer disinfector

A mortuary would seem to be a pretty niche business in and of itself already. Who’d want to look at dead bodies and examine why they died for a living in the first place, right? But then again, their loved ones deserve the answer, and that’s what mortuaries can do to people. 


But moving on to the main topic – the consistent demand for mortuaries to clean their equipment is that much more complex than you might think. Tinkering around with dead bodies all day long will mean consistently sterilizing the tools you’ve used every time you use them. And that’s to ensure that there is no bacteria buildup with your tools as time goes on. Though that might be effective, the sterilization process might take a significantly longer time than you expected it in the first place. But you’d be delighted to find out that there are specific dishwashers that can do that job for you in a stellar fashion! Some commercial dishwashers and disinfectors are specifically designed to be as efficient and help you clean your tools in an instant. 


Rhima dishwashers – the help your mortuary needs!

Mortuaries have it tough nowadays – and the negative connotation they have surrounding death makes things that much more tedious than they should be in the first place. But that doesn’t mean that they should disregard their cleanliness – and that’s where Rhima’s stellar dishwashers come into the equation! 

Don’t let their dishwasher title fool you into thinking that all Rhima provides are dishwashers – their commercial dishwashers are so good that they also have disinfector dryers that can help you disinfect your mortuary tools. Whenever you need them, any time, you need them! 



The Deko D32 Washer Disinfector: all the help your mortuary can ask for!

The search for the right industrial disinfector for your mortuary is all over – as Rhima’s got you covered! Specifically, Rhima’s very own Deko D32 Washer Disinfector – also known as one of the finest mortuary dishwashers that you’ll ever find. 


What makes the Deko D32 Washer Disinfector different from all the other ones that are readily available, you might ask? Simple – the Deko D32 Washer Disinfector is so much more sophisticated than it looks like on paper, thanks to its radical construction methods allowing you to both wash AND disinfects, all at the same time. Additionally, it also comes with a unique touch screen interface which means that you can easily navigate its many functions. Though that isn’t everything that the Deko D32 Washer Disinfector has in store for you – it’s also rightfully reliable and heat-proof, ensuring that you can use it for a longer time than you might think!


Finding the right washer and disinfector for your mortuary – the right way!

Sometimes, finding the suitable industrial dishwasher for your mortuary might seem like a done and shut deal – after all, most commercial dishwashers seem to function the same as a majority of them are the same. But then again, just as all people are not made the same, not all dishwashers function the same. And that’s where appreciable amounts of research would come into the equation!


For most things, you should first check out if you REALLY need one in the first place. After all, if you’re running a smaller mortuary, then you’ll be better off simply sterilizing your wares. But if sterilizing couldn’t do the job properly, then buying a washer and disinfector will be a good purchase for you and your mortuary. So before buying one, look if you’ll be needing it beforehand. 


Maintenance Packages that are Available as Service Support

No matter how reliable the Deko D32 Washer Disinfector may be, it is also susceptible to mechanical failure as days go on. However, do not fret – we here at Rhima provide excellent, 24/7 customer support service! We can help you with your every query about your reliable dishwasher!


We also have a central office that can supply you with your every need, too. However, that is not all – purchase of the Deko D32 Washer Disinfector also includes warranties, commissioning, training, consulting, infection control, preventative maintenance, work safety, dishwashing parts, detergent supply, and accessories an after-sales support package. 

However, Rhima can also arrange a contract-based regular maintenance service that can take your mind away from any other woes that you might have regarding the product. Certified Rhima professionals will go over your dishwasher to maintain them and ensure running as smoothly as possible. 


The following are some of the advantages of Rhima preventive maintenance:


– You will be able to save money on your power bills. 

– Costs of complete maintenance are reduced. 

– Water conservation 

– Detergent consumption is minimal. 

– It extends the life of the equipment and protects against significant repairs that may occur unexpectedly. 

– Unexpected costs and downtime are avoided.



What is a washer-disinfector?

– A washer-disinfector is a machine that has the build of a commercial dishwasher, often with the cycle phases of a domestic dishwasher, but capable of maintaining a disinfection temperature that complies with the disinfection standards. This high temperature can be reached using hot (90oC +) or steam (100oC+) for the disinfection phase.


How many cycles does a washer-disinfector have?

– Most washer-disinfector machines will have a minimum of four cycles; pre-wash, detergent wash, rinse, and disinfection. However, various cycles can be programmed to suit individual needs as set out by infection control departments due to the various requirements.


Programs are made up of different cycles, and some may require a drying cycle; therefore, a machine may choose a few programs, individually set up using different cycles.


What’s covered under the warranty of my machine?

– Rhima stands behind the products it sells and will repair or replace any part, which in Rhima’s sole judgment is defective in material and quality. Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale for complete details.


Rhima’s Deko D32 Washer Disinfector – an unsung hero for every mortuary!

Deko D32 washer disinfector dryer closed
Deko D32 washer disinfector dryer

Sometimes, a washer-disinfector will be able to provide you with much more than just a spot of convenience. It’s also your way to make your mortuary a little bit better every passing day, And although that doesn’t sound like much, trust us – it’ll amount to a much bigger thing as time goes on. That – and so much more – is what Rhima’s very own Deko D32 Washer Disinfector can give you and your mortuary in the long run. Give it a try today – trust us, it’s the best commercial washer your mortuary can have any time of the day!