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Trolley Washers in a Nutshell

Trolley washers are the ideal solution for frequent trolley decontamination in places where food, crockery, laundry, and even rubbish are transported on trolleys, such as airline catering firms, hospitals, and care homes.

An industrial trolley washer is simple to operate despite their advanced technology. They have a variety of loading arrangements, including front-loading and pass-through. They are available in single-chamber and multi-chamber configurations and can help you enhance your procedures and productivity over time.

What Are Trolley Washers?

Trolley washers are used in high-capacity reprocessing departments to clean, disinfect, and dry instrument case carts, containers, cutlery, and other reusable goods. Cart washers that match your processing needs and meet the newest cleaning and thermal disinfection standards should be seriously evaluated. With a wide range of sizes and functions, our trolley washer will help you satisfy your space, volume, and budget needs.

Trolleys or carts transport heavy equipment or baggage throughout the production area or other sites. Contamination on the surface, such as soil, molds, or substrate residues, might harbor bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Cleaning and sanitation of your products must always come first, whether you work in a commercial, medical, or industrial setting, and clean trolleys or carts are a crucial foundation for this. Contamination is prevented by maintaining good hygiene.

Rhima Trolley Washer is the Key

You may clean every type of trolley with a Rhima trolley washer, regardless of the brand. These machines are particularly adaptable because you may use them for the crate, bin, trolley, component, and any other object that needs to be cleaned with hot, soapy water. They use modern cleaning techniques and have PLC control. The required cleaning is then matched to the washing time and power.

What’s the result? In a hand-operated washing machine or a fully automated trolley washer, a typical Rhima solution, you may clean your trolleys thoroughly and, if necessary, at high speed. This sort of commercial dishwasher is gaining in popularity. The cage or our trolley washer products are custom-made to meet your specific needs. Machines with a single door and a pass-through are available.

What Are The Benefits of Having a Rhima Dishwasher?

Rhima can provide cage trolley washers designed to order and to your specifications to comply with HACCP rules. There is also a big selection of off-the-shelf products, and they may come to your location to discuss your needs. These systems are adaptable and provide effective results while adhering to the strictest hygiene standards while washing and sanitizing: racks, cages, floor-level or rail suspended frames; suitable for treating several utensils on the rack.

In addition, the following are the advantages of using the Rhima Trolley Washer:

  • It can supply machines with pre-foaming cycles to remove stubborn soil from smoking ovens.
  • Cabin operation with single door or double “pass-through” doors, with centrifugal technology and tunnel operation for high capacity.
  • High pressure to remove all types of stubborn residue or dirt.
  • Most systems are sunk into the floor; however, ground roll-in-roll-out machines are available.
  • Machines can be made to any size and any configuration.
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