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Rhima’s Crate Washer: The Best Crate Washer for Your Business

Businesses like commercial kitchens must prioritize the sanitation and cleanliness of the workplace, especially the cleanliness of the equipment they use, by performing sanitation practices such as, but not limited to, crate cleaning. Industrial washing helps these businesses keep their sanitation on par with HACCP guidelines to continue operating, plus it also provides several benefits. Thus, making industrial washers such as crate washers an integral part of commercial kitchens.


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Crate Cleaning Made Easy with Crate Washers

Commercial kitchens, catering services, and other food-related businesses do their best to maintain the cleanliness of their work environment. Crates are one of the most used pieces of equipment in commercial kitchens, and it’s used every day, making them more susceptible to dirt. These crates are used in storing, organizing, and transporting plates, utensils, and, most importantly, food.

As time passes, crates may eventually become a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms unseen to the human eye, especially when not washed properly. These microorganisms may be transferred onto utensils, supplies, and even food. During these instances, your employee’s and consumers’ wellness and overall health are at stake; this is why commercial kitchens make it a practice to clean their crates as frequently as possible.

Manually cleaning crates can be time-consuming, and there are instances when they aren’t cleaned properly. Unfortunately, there might be too little or even no time to ensure that the crates are cleaned before using them during busy days, which can happen in commercial kitchens. A stainless steel crate washer is used across multiple industrial industries due to the high demand to keep crates as clean as possible. Crate washers make crate cleaning faster and easier while ensuring that each crate is washed thoroughly, killing bacteria and viruses that might be contaminating it. To keep it short, you can make crate cleaning safe, easy, fast, and overall efficient with the help of crate washers.


Rhima: The Best Industrial Washing Solution

Since 1990, Rhima has proved to be one of the best companies specializing in washing equipment such as industrial washers. Over the years, Rhima has extended its stainless steel industrial washers to the hospitality, medical, and industrial business sectors. Today, Rhima exports its equipment to 9 different countries.

Rhima takes pride in having over 50 years of knowledge in washing equipment, providing you with high-quality crate washers you can rely on. Aside from that, they ensure that their industrial washers are cost-efficient upon purchase and for the long run. Rhima focuses on providing you with machinery that will last for years and provide the best results while being energy efficient and as budget-friendly as possible.

Rhima ensures that every piece of washing equipment you purchase from them abides by the HACCP guidelines. You can expect that industrial washers from Rhima will provide you with the best solution for maintaining your business’s overall cleanliness and sanitation. Adhering to industry standards is made simple and easy with Rhima.


Benefits of Having a Custom Built Crate Washer from Rhima

Aside from having a wide array of off-the-shelf products, Rhima can also make a site visit and discuss your requirements to provide you with custom-built crate washers that meet your needs and likings while also ensuring that it follows the HACCP guidelines. Most of the industrial washers you purchase from Rhima have the option to come with detergent and sanitizing dosing pumps.

Rhima’s custom-built crate washers are perfect for commercial kitchens that need a crate washer that fits the specifications and options they need. Rhima can build crate washers that follow the operation and staffing levels you prefer or require. Their crate washers can also operate using fresh water or recycled water, and heating methods can either be via electric, steam, or gas.

Rhima’s custom-built crate washers are perfect for commercial kitchens due to the washer’s stainless steel structure. You may also choose if you would like the cabin to have either of the following:

  • Manual or automatic opening
  • Single door, double “pass-through” doors
  • Tunnel with 1 or 3 tracks
  • If you would like it to move horizontally or vertically

They also feature state-of-the-art technology for fume extraction.

Rhima provides commercial kitchens and other businesses the following options to choose from when it comes to their custom-built crate washers:

  • Automatic loading and unloading
  • Compliance with HACCP guidelines through constant monitoring of all parameters
  • Collapsing & opening devices
  • Sorting mechanisms
  • Stacking and de-stacking units
  • Clean In Place (CIP) self-washing program for all key points of the crate washers that do not require disassembly. It preserves and purifies the production lines of contaminants.
  • New drying system technology for increased drying capacity
  • Immediate system operation with the “Ready to Use” program
  • Automatic and sophisticated movement systems to wash large quantities of crates


Is a Custom-Built Crate Washer the Best Option for You?

Industrial washers provide huge benefits to your company when maintaining and ensuring the sanitation and cleanliness of food in commercial kitchens by following the HACCP guidelines or for end products of other business types. With this, it’s normal to consider investing in a crate washer, and you should. The question to keep in mind is what you should consider before purchasing a crate washer, and what type of crate washer should you purchase?

Here’s what you should consider before purchasing a crate washer:

  • Type of crates you have
  • Number of crates
  • How dirty do the crates get
  • How big is the space for your crate washer

Rhima has a large array of crate washers, either rigid or collapsible. Rhima also has crate washers that can wash 100 crates per hour units with fully automatic systems. Their industrial washers are flexible in washing different shapes and sizes of crates. Additionally, Rhima provides custom-built crate washers that come with numerous benefits and options to choose from for it to fit your company’s standards.


Rhima’s 24/7 Service & Support

Rhima’s team is made of people with extensive and practical knowledge and experience when it comes to operating, fixing, and maintaining their machines. Rhima provides after-sales support for their industrial washers that include but are not limited to HACCP and infection control, warranty, work safety, washer parts, accessories, and consulting. They can also conduct occasional safety checks while ensuring spare parts are handy just in case.



What is a crate washer?

Crate washers are designed for industrial or commercial settings. These washing equipment units are used to efficiently clean and ensure the sanitation of plastic storage crates

How much does a crate wash system cost?

The price of crate washers may vary depending on the type of crate washer you need. For custom-built crate washers, you can enquire here.

How do you clean a crate?

Manually cleaning crates means that you must pre-wash, removing any visible dirt and debris before washing them with soap and water. Afterward, you’ll rinse off the residue and disinfect it before letting it air-dry. The process can be time-consuming, especially for industrial businesses. Rhima’s crate washers are a more effective and efficient way to clean your crates.