Improve Your Agricultural Business with Rhima’s Bin Washers

Agribusiness is a term used to describe businesses that cultivate and process food and other agricultural products.

Agribusiness refers to any company involved in the production, marketing, safety, or distribution of food. Agribusiness also refers to firms that deal with the marketing and distribution of agricultural products. Warehouses, wholesalers, processors, merchants, and other enterprises fall into this category.

One of the examples of agribusiness is farm-to-table restaurants. Farm-to-table restaurants are distinguished from restaurants that rely on a few significant suppliers by their capacity to maintain a continual supply of fresh, local ingredients. Farm-to-table restaurants rely on strong ties with local farms to run their businesses, so restaurant owners need to set aside more time to discover vendors and develop robust supply chains.

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Agriculture-Based Business And Bin Washers: A Match Made In Heaven!

Waste is always a concern, and we all must limit garbage while also ensuring that any waste we make is appropriately disposed of. Agricultural waste creates a significant concern if it is not correctly disposed of, as it has a significant detrimental influence on the environment. Aside from the hazards of landfills and incineration, chemicals used in agriculture and farming might pollute the environment if they wind up in the wrong areas. Pesticides that allow crops to grow, for example, can pollute rivers and streams in large quantities. Polluted water harms the environment, can cause animal deaths and contaminates drinking water.

Hence, the reason why your agricultural-based business needs an bin washer will ensure that your customers will be having only the best experience while keeping them as safe as possible too.

Rhima Bin Washer – Custom Built: Everything You Need For Your Agriculture Business!

Custom built wheelie bin washers
Custom built wheelie bin washer

Finding an appropriate bin washer for your agriculture-based business may appear to be a difficult task. After all, most bin washers are expensive and should be viewed as a long-term investment. But, on the other hand, the quest has been made a lot easier – all thanks to Rhima’s fantastic collection of bin washers.

Yes, you read that correctly: Rhima takes pride in being one of the most excellent places to buy industrial bin washers. These bin washers aren’t your typical industrial bin washers; you can be confident that your agriculture-based business will use them for far longer than you ever imagined.

How To Choose The Right Bin Washer For Your Company?

Although it may appear to be a difficult operation, purchasing a bin washer for your agricultural business is not as simple as it appears. Rhima can build customized bin washers to order and to your specifications to comply with HACCP rules. There is also an extensive selection of off-the-shelf items, and they may come to your location to discuss your needs.

An excellent industrial bin washer from Rhima can accomplish a few essential goals that will make your life easier, Rhima’s bin washers can wash 200ltr and 600ltr euro bins, big & mega boxes, custom bins, IBC’s & wheelie bins and other types of production vessels.

You have pretty much won the jackpot if you can discover one that performs all of that without generating too much noise or consuming too much energy.

Rhima’s Bin Washers  – All The Custom Built Bin Washers You Will Need!

If you are still looking for the ideal industrial bin washer, then the Bin Washers – Custom Built  is everything you’ve been asking for! As one of Rhima’s most popular products, you can rest assured that this beautifully-made bin washer can ensure that your bins will remain to be as efficient as possible – in more ways than you expected.

Are you still doubting the capabilities of the Bin Washer? Well – here are some of the notable benefits that you should know today!

Benefits Of The Rhima Bin Washers:

Mega Bin Washer
Mega Bin Washer
  • gear box driven wash arms that clean both internal and external parts of the bin, including the wheels
  • all stainless construction
  • complete with safety cage (if required)
  • exhaust fan that starts up as door opens to remove possible infectious fumes
  • bin cleaning in a closed environment
  • manual or automatic loading
  • gasket less door seals
  • pre-wash cycles for the most stubborn residue.
  • removal of adhesive labels (if required)
  • drying system using a new technology able to combine optimal drying capacity with minimum consumption
  • automated movement systems, including loading and unloading
  • automatic transfer, destacking and stacking systems
  • “Ready to Use” program for immediate system operation at the start of the shift

Service and Support: Warranty Extension

The standard guarantee is one year; however, Rhima can provide a five-year extended warranty on our goods if a five-year maintenance agreement is purchased at the time of purchase.

This agreement would include the following:

  • A minimum of two (2) Preventative Maintenance / HACCP services per year are required.
  • There are no fees for call-outs or labour to repair problems.
  • There is no price for spare components used to repair breakdowns.

Failures due to intentional or accidental damage, user mistake, services outside of specification, such as power surges, low or high-pressure water supply, acts of God, and so on, are not covered by the warranty.

Some Of The Benefits Of Rhima Preventive Maintenance Are As Follows:

– You will be able to save money on your power bills.

– Costs of complete maintenance are reduced.

– Water conservation

– Detergent consumption is minimal.

– It extends the life of the equipment and protects against significant repairs that may occur unexpectedly.

– Unexpected costs and downtime are avoided.


Does my machine comply with HACCP guidelines?

Rhima has created a one-of-a-kind monitoring program that considers safety, hygiene, and operational factors. Your machine will comply with HACCP criteria once appropriately set up. We recommend performing a dishwasher safety hygiene test at least once a year. Preventative maintenance and HACCP testing on Rhima equipment are performed by Rhima technicians who have received special training. This method includes temperature checks with a calibrated thermometer, residual protein swabs (before and after), and complete machine preventative maintenance.

Who will install and service my machine?

In Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, fully online and onsite service is offered. Rhima has a team of qualified engineers and technicians in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore to install and service machines. We can also provide training and support for onsite maintenance personnel. If you live in a rural area, we can collaborate with a local contractor to guarantee that your machine is serviced according to our specifications. If you need a local provider, don’t hesitate to contact Rhima.

What’s covered under the warranty of my machine?

Rhima stands behind its products and will fix or replace any material or quality problem at Rhima’s sole discretion. Please visit the General Terms and Conditions of Sale for additional details.

The Bin Washer For Storage Bins and Buggies Is The Next Item To Ensure a Smoother Operation!

The standard bin washer can clean around twenty bins per hour, ensuring that every nook of the bin is completely sanitary. The bin washers themselves are composed of stainless steel, making them a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for your company. Cleaning stainless steel storage bins and trolleys is a constant task that may tax any corporation with a well-organized strategy. Switch to one of  Rhima’s bin washers to save time and effort in adequately cleaning these bins.