How Commercial Dishwashers Benefit the Caterers

People struggle to wash the dishes using their bare hands, especially when a massive pile of dishes is in the sink. They are often greasy or sticky and take tons of time to finish all. Thus, it will surely tire out your employees right after they start their shifts. Fortunately, a commercial dishwasher is designed to provide the utmost cleaning methods and sanitation demands on your kitchenware.

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What are Commercial Dishwashers?

Commercial dishwashers have been around since the 19th century. It is continuously innovating as the technology advances together with the people’s needs. Hence, almost all hotels, restaurants, commercial, and industrial premises have their dishwashers to abide by the sanitation standards and protocols of the government – or else it can badly affect their reputation. However, not all businesses can afford to purchase their commercial dishwasher since it is pricey and regular maintenance is highly advised.

Still, rest your worries. Rental machines are accessible nowadays to provide a premium service at a lower expenditure. That’s pretty reasonable for small and starting businesses that require efficient washing solutions! If you are looking for a quality dishwasher, you must find the best rental partner to help you through it all with your business.

Rhima: Your Washing Equipment Companion in Catering Services


Rhima is an Australian company that offers high-quality equipment washing systems. All of their finest machines are explicitly designed and manufactured internationally, mainly in Europe. They provide washing solutions specifically in three market segments such as healthcare, hospitality, and industrial. But for now, let’s focus on how Rhima will assist you in your catering business.

Commercial dishwashers play a crucial role on your catering business especially when there are lots of people involved. In every event, the security of people or the quality of food is observed and the proper hygiene. Often, the catering personnel does not have plenty of time to extend on washing dishes since an indefinite quantity of people come and go and eat at an event. So, proper handwashing of flatware is not observed, and hygiene becomes inconsequential.

Still curious about how Rhima is beneficial to your catering service? Luckily, you have found Rhima – you’re best-suited caterer dishwasher. Rhima will provide you the most satisfactory service you have ever experienced before. They offer innovative and practical washing solutions that will undoubtedly save you time, effort, and money. Keep reading, and you will get satisfied knowing about their service.

How Does Rhima Commercial Dishwasher Benefit the Caterers?

Choosing Rhima will be your best choice for your business. Why? Because rest assured that while you’re doing your part in the business, Rhima will take care of your catering equipment’s proper hygiene through their innovative washing solution. Also, they have been on industrial dishwasher equipment and services since 1990 – more than 30 years of first-rate operation and service internationally. Not only that, Rhima is surely attentive to all their customers – they are great listeners to all your queries and coherent in identifying what the clients want to achieve.

  1. In your catering business specifically, Rhima has so many machines and services to offer. They have customized dishwashers that will meet your business needs. Moreover, they address your accounts through solutions like downgrading energy costs, minimizing labor, complying with all health protocols and other related certifications, and ensuring environmental responsibility. Rhima guarantees efficient electricity, water, and chemicals to save both cost and a sustainable future.
  2. One of the benefits that will help you to choose Rhima more is that they have flexible rental terms and conditions. You can always extend your contract with them if you’re happily satisfied with their washing solutions. Moreover, they also provide long-term rental terms, two years or three years and more, depending on customer satisfaction. Indeed, they offer the most profitable rates at 100% tax-deductible! If you want to try their service for a year, you are free to do so.
  3. Flatware and kitchenware are washed quickly every meal time; thus, saving an ample amount of time and increasing bench space. Furthermore, Rhima’s commercial dishwashers are perfect for your catering business since they provide the shortest wash cycle that lasts from 1 to 3 minutes. It is also suitable as pot washers and glasswashers because they are designed to hold a specific capacity of kitchen equipment and are also created to fit your commercial kitchen.
  4. Rhima continuously meets several health protocols. For instance, they ensure to fulfil the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) guidelines. Encompassed in this is that dishwashers must sanitize all kitchenware with 82°C fresh water in the final rinse. Also, the temperature setting is displayed on the panel to fit the said guidelines.

How to decide which Dishwasher among Commercial Dishwashers

Since there are varieties of commercial dishwashers commonly used, you may be wondering what you should rent. To choose among the selections, you must first identify your needs and why you’re renting one. It is necessary to assess your location, your desired arrangement, and the size of your kitchen. Given those, you can finally choose the perfect dishwasher for your catering business. Here are the in-demand commercial dishwashers that Rhima offers. I hope these help and guide you in deciding the perfect equipment for your pursuit.

  • Underbench Rental Washer (VU40)

Rhima’s VU40 is suitable and perfectly made for bars, coffee shops, lunchrooms, small food outlets, and tea houses. It has a rack size of 400mm x 400mm or 14″ x 17″ and a tallest washable glass of 32cm. Renting an underbench washer is best suited if an event only caters to limited guests. However, this is also perfect for your catering business depending on the number of guests. The wash cycle time can be 90,120,180 seconds or more to produce sparkling clean glassware and kitchenware. Even with a small size, this machine can hold and wash two racks continuously; thus, it can wash double the amount of dishes in a short period.

  • Underbench Rental Washer (VU50)

Unlike VU40, the VU50 underbench rental washer is suitably made for cafes, wineries, food outlets, and restaurants since it has a washing power of a pass-through dishwasher. It has a rack size of 500mm x 500mm and a tallest washable glass of 36.5 cm. The wash cycle time is the same as VU40, with 90-180 seconds per batch to ensure speedy, sparkly, and safe flatware. This machine is also convenient to use as a caterer dishwasher since it has a capacity of more than VU40 – it can cater limited to the average number of guests. You only have to remember that before renting a dishwasher, you already have an estimate of the total guests at the event you’ll cater to.

  • Pass-Through Rental Washer (VH50)

Rhima’s VH50 pass-through rental washer is convenient to use for small to medium establishments, cafes, and restaurants. This commercial dishwasher has a higher capacity compared to underbench models. It has a rack size of 500mm x 500mm and a tallest washable glass of 45 cm. In that case, this machine is perfect for catering to significant events. The wash cycle time is 90,120, 180 seconds or more, depending on the number of dishes. Moreover, VH50 also has a self-cleaning cycle.

Service and Support

Expect that Rhima offers a quick delivery no matter where you are, even in the remote and regional areas. You can rent anytime since they make sure there are machines in stock. What more are you looking for? They have available and working machines on hand – and also are one call away every time your dishwasher needs repair and retrofitting. Free all your worries from maintenance and other additional costs! All running costs are included first hand on your rented equipment.

Another perk of renting in Rhima is that it is also a home of locally trained and skilled technicians. They conduct hygiene, temperature, and safety tests frequently to ensure that your rented dishwasher is functioning well and within the breach of the required standards. More so, their customer service support is available 24/7.


Why are restaurants required to use commercial dishwashers?

Restaurants are required to use commercial dishwashers to provide the complete package of service to their customers; the food must be clean, and their flatware and kitchenware must be hygienic. They are also required to use commercial dishwashers to save time and effort in cleaning all the dishes, especially when it is a holiday, or the bulk of customers are expected.

How important is a dishwasher?

A dishwasher is essential for a restaurant to keep going and maintain a reputable service since they must meet many sanitation requirements to run a restaurant.

How can I be a good restaurant dishwasher?

You can be a good dishwasher if you always prioritize the health and safety of the customers while maintaining speedy hand washing.

The Finest and Most Reputable Commercial Dishwasher in 2021

Everyone must prioritize one’s health and safety. Thus, a commercial dishwasher is required nowadays, especially since the world is still amid a pandemic. That’s why every restaurant and catering business is eager to purchase one. However, not all businesses can afford a commercial dishwasher if you are looking for an affordable commercial dishwasher rental, good news!

Rhima has been offering high-quality dishwashers at competitive rates! They have been on the market since 1990, which proves how they satisfy customers with their services. Visit, and for messages and inquiries, you may contact us at 1300 347 944.