Handling dishes before and after the dishwasher is the largest use of labour costs in a kitchen. Rhima can supply and innovative system to bring substantial savings to your dishroom. Serving staff are always very busy seating guests, taking orders, serving meals and clearing dirty dishes from tables, therefore putting these dirty dishes down needs to be quick and efficient.

Dishwashing cycle

Rhima has all the accessories you need to make your dishroom complete, including (but not limited to):

  • Racks Click here to view available Dishwasher Racks
  • Trolleys – we can provide an assortment of sturdy trolleys for everyday use. They are built to withstand constant use in the industry. Rhima trolleys can be custom built to a size that suits your application, they are light to push and are fitted with brakes.
    • Trolleys for gastronorm containers
    • Shelf trolleys
    • Service trolleys (available with or without a handle)
    • Basket trolleys (designed to store or move 500x500mm racks)
    • Basket dollys (designed to move multiple 500x500mm racks around on top of each other)
    • Tray return trolleys
  • Waste bins – with or without wheels to easily move around the floor or outside to dispose of without the hassle or strain of lifting a heavy garbage bag
  • Shelving – Rhima can design and custom build storage solutions for your kitchen design. The Stainless Steel designs are built to last and utilise limited storage space.
    • Sorting table – for quick and efficient service in any kitchen. Place the dirty dishes on one side in appropriate racks and the dishwashing person loads them into the dishwasher on the other side.
  • Tables – Rhima can design and custom build stainless steel tables for your kitchen or you can purchase these off the shelf. These can be integrated with sinks and/or storage of racks below the tables to maximise space.
    • General tables – with or without sinks and splash-backs
    • Exit and entry roller tables – roller tables to facilitate the function of your dishwasher in loading and unloading racks or crates with ease.
      • Available in custom lengths or off the shelf lengths of 1100m, 1600m or 2100m. These exit tables are fitted with an end limit switch that hooks into your dishwasher and automatically stops the dishes being moved through the machine and allows for you to catch up on unloading.
  • Sinks or Pre-wash troughs – Rhima can design and custom build stainless steel sinks for your kitchen design.
  • Drying – Rhima have a number of washers that either have the capability of blowers or dryers. Blowers are designed to blow excess water off utensils and crockery prior to exiting the machine. Dryers are designed to dry utensils and crockery. Please note that there are different levels of drying and they are all measured (grams of water per crate or container), it is important when requiring items to be dry that you specify how dry you need these items to be. Drying can be an expensive exercise. Rhima can supply small cost effective drying units that are paired with our High Sparkle Package for spot free drying, these dryers hold a single 500x500mm rack. We also have drying cabinets that are mostly used in either the medical sector or for drying Chocolate Moulds.
  • Detergents Click here to view our range of Detergents

These are all essential items to help keep your commercial kitchen operational, organised & hygienically clean, ensuring efficiency is easily achievable.