Aquaculture & Fisheries

Aquaculture & Fisheries

The Importance of Industrial Washers in the Aquaculture and Fisheries Industry

Millions of people who work in the fish farming industry rely on fisheries for their living in many ways because fish are a great source of food. On the other side, knowing aquaculture washing solutions is beneficial for these fish farmers and their consumers.

Fish are a great source of food and a solution to overcome man’s nutritional challenges for millions of individuals who suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Fish supplies us with various by-products and is an essential food source.

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Why Does an Aquaculture and Fisheries Business Need Industrial Washers?

Food consumption is vital for human growth in two ways: nutrition and disease prevention. Fish are economically important and can be beneficial and dangerous when not taking extra precautions so thus, having an industrial washer means so much in maintaining the best sanitation.

It is more hygienic to use industrial washers in the fish farming industry. It provides a solid foundation for general cleanliness that can remove germs from dishes, containers, and other fishing equipment. Having a good quality washer is an advantage in maintaining more sanitary aquaculture equipment; moreover, no one should not disregard the importance of processing safe food.

How Rhima Can Help Aquaculture and Fisheries Businesses With The Best Washing Solutions

Rhima has already covered a variety of industrial washers, from flight-type dishwashers to custom-built multipurpose dishwashers, as part of its mission of offering distinct ranges of inventive machine solutions.

For over 50 years, Rhima has provided exceptional professional washing solutions. Unsurprisingly, Rhima has progressed so well because of our passion and determination to deliver every company a high-efficient industrial washer in their washing operations.

Rhima assists the food industry in developing comprehensive food safety ideas that will satisfy the total value of the people. Rhima has a unique business model that delivers value for our customers thanks to our expertise, skilled employees, and excellent industrial washers.

Benefits of Rhima Washers

Our local personnel, experts in the market and have become specialists ensure that our customers obtain the best industrial washers by providing excellence and dependability.

Rhima guarantees that our industrial washers meet rigorous requirements, ensuring that our equipment performs efficiently and admirably. When you buy from us, you can be assured that you are not only receiving a machine washer but one that will not let you down in the future and will provide you with what you deserve.

Rhima may plan regular maintenance for you on a contract basis if you choose. Furthermore, we regularly conduct safety, hygiene, and temperature checks with the primary goal of guaranteeing that the machine you are using meets the highest requirements.

How Do You Know If An Industrial Washer Is Suitable For You?

The cleanliness of your aquaculture and fishing equipment, such as fish baskets, is critical to the success of your business. Cleaning your filthy items is a critical success factor for health inspectors, and it may make or break your business’s reputation. Choosing a suitable commercial washer is crucial to ensure that your business grows while adhering to federal, state, and public laws.

Before purchasing an industrial washer, it is critical to examine several factors, including volume and available space. This section will assist you in determining which commercial washer is best for your aquaculture business.

When shopping for a commercial washer, consider the following questions:

  • Is my building’s hot water supply consistent?
  • Do I want to invest in an industrial washer with a higher temperature?
  • How much room do I have for my equipment washing station?

All of these are essential questions, and we’ll help you answer them before you start looking for an industrial washer.

Rhima’s Crate Washers – RC series

Rhima’s Crate Washers – RC series are automatic and versatile systems for washing and sanitising crates and baskets, ideal for various industries,

RC 401 pictured

and provides perfect washing for any crate. Depending on the throughput needed, Rhima have various sized models.

The crate cleaning systems are fully automated and built according to high-quality norms to boost efficiency and production. They are designed and built tailored to customer specifications.

Rhima’s washing systems are customised to match any need or production capacity, utilising high-pressure processes to remove any dirt or tenacious residue from the crates.

The capacity of Rhima’s crate and multifunctional washers starts at about. Start with 50 cartons every hour and work your way up.

Thanks to the various versions and creating personalized setups, many different dirt types may be quickly removed. Several choices provide the optimum fit into the wash area while minimizing the amount of effort and labor required. Each model can be constructed to load from the left or right.

The basic unit has a hot (65°C) chemical wash followed by a final fresh water rinse at 82°C to meet HACCP rules. Water is used sparingly and is recycled multiple times within the unit.

These machines are modular, so adding new zones may increase capacity and speed.


  • Insulated doors help keep a consistent temperature in the washing chamber, which reduces the amount of energy used by the boiler heating elements.
  • CPF is a gadget that lets the user effortlessly modify the water pressure during the prewash or wash phase to meet their specific demands.
  • AIS 304 and 316 stainless steel can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals and saline water.
  • The machines are heated by electricity by default, although steam is available as an alternative.
  • The wash zone is fully accessible through large inspection doors.

Optional extras include:

  • Condenser for steam
  • Heat Recovery Units (HRUs) provide cold water to the machine (inlet water temperature between 8°C and 15°C) while also saving energy. The steam generated by the machine operation (which would otherwise be lost in the room) is recovered and sent through the heat exchanger (air-water). The steam energy is used to warm the inlet water to 45°C, resulting in a reduction in energy consumption.
  • A detergent Dispenser refers to a device that allows chemicals to be connected to the machine and automatically dosed and injected into the machine’s wash cycle.
  • The machine’s vital statistics are monitored and recorded by the HACCP supervisor.
  • A self-cleaning cycle that runs automatically
  • Dryers

Service and Support: 24 Hours – 7 Days a Week

Warranty, commissioning, training, consulting, HACCP and infection control, work safety, preventative maintenance, dishwashing parts, accessories, and detergent supply are all included in the after-sales service package.

Rhima can schedule regular maintenance on a contract basis if you choose. Rhima can also perform safety, hygiene, and temperature checks to ensure that your equipment is up to code and working smoothly, giving you complete peace of mind.

To service and repair our equipment, we retain a substantial inventory of critical spare parts in our Victorian headquarters. Our service cars also transport spare parts for our machines.


Do The HACCP Guidelines Apply To My Machine?

Rhima has created a one-of-a-kind monitoring program that considers safety, hygiene, and operational factors. We recommend performing a washer safety hygiene test at least once a year. Preventative maintenance and HACCP testing on Rhima equipment are performed by Rhima technicians who have received thorough training. Temperature checks with a calibrated thermometer, residual protein swabs (before and after), and thorough preventative maintenance on the machine are all part of this process.

What Is Covered By My Machine’s Warranty?

Rhima stands behind the products it offers and will fix or replace any defective part in material or quality at Rhima’s sole discretion. For more information, please see the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

The Best Solution is Here!

Rhima industrial washer will help you reduce your reliance on manual labour and improve the efficiency of your operations. Throughout every stage of your food-handling activities, you’ll be able to keep a clean, sanitary work environment.