Commercial Dishwashers in Your Boardroom and why you need them!

In boardrooms, you would have many clients – buyers and sellers- to impress. It is crucial to let them feel how special they are. Else, you might lose them and your potential income. It would be best to treat your clients like VIPs.

A simple way to do that is to serve them food and wine during meetings. Of course, serving them in sparkling dishes and glasses improves the experience. This will also show them that you are responsible, professional and you care about your work. It would help you win their trust. But to do this, you must first ensure that your glasses, plates, and utensils are squeaky-clean. That’s a double whammy. Therefore, getting commercial dishwashers is a must.

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Commercial Dishwashers for Boardrooms


There are many ways companies and business people wash their dishes. Some hire people that do the job for them — they wash dishes by hand. Needless to say, this is not the most efficient way to do it, especially if you have many clients. They may not be able to keep up with the piling dishes. Also, you can’t be sure their “dishwashing prowess” is enough to make your glasses spotless. They are also subject to tiring. As time goes on, they “lose effectiveness.’

Automatic dishwashers – machines used to clean dishware and cutlery automatically. Compared to manual dishwashing, using dishwashers is, without a doubt, more effective. But even these machines have limitations. Industrial washing could be demanding. Like humans, this kitchen equipment may not be able to keep up. In that case, you would have to buy multiple units of them. But that’s not efficient either. That would eat lots of space in the establishment. Furthermore, that would require lots of outlets – these are electric appliances; they need to be plugged in.

Commercial dishwashers, glass dishwashers, bar-size dishwashers, and underbench dishwashers are notorious for getting even the most soiled items thoroughly cleaned. That’s why they have been a staple to many business establishments. They help at keeping customers and clients pleased.

The Machine That You Need

So manual washing has been crossed out, so are residential dishwashers. They could be enough when you are serving only a few clients. Outside that, they are not really ideal. So, what should you do? Are there other machines you can use to solve this problem? Yes, there are.

Commercial dishwashers exist, and they are the kitchen equipment that you need. These are considered huge assets in any commercial kitchen. That is thanks to their prowess and the value they provide.

One thing you will notice while using commercial dishwashers is how they cut down your bills. Commercial dishwashers are generally designed to be energy-efficient. In the same amount of workload, a commercial dishwasher will consume less power than traditional ones. From that alone, you will see which kitchen equipment is superior.

Subsequently, using a commercial dishwasher will improve your clients’ experience while they are in the boardroom. First and foremost, since you have lower energy bills, you’ll have more resources to allocate for things such as food ingredients and beverages. Thus, you can serve better food and wine to your clients.

Aside from that, cycles are much faster with commercial dishwashers. That means there will be no time when no dishware or wine glass is available. As a result, there will be a steady flow of food, which in turn would prevent your clients from being hungry. You would not want them to be like that. “Hangry” people are less reasonable. You may experience difficulty doing business with them when they are not in the mood. Remember, the goal is to keep them happy.

Rhima Dishwashers: Best Kitchen Equipment Choice for Your Boardroom

Now that you know what kitchen equipment you need for your boardroom, it is time to look for one. Of course, you would want to buy from a trusted brand. Look no further. When it comes to industrial washing, Rhima Dishwashers are your best choice. The company’s many awards are a testament to how innovative and reliable its commercial dishwashers are.

Rhima’s commercial dishwashers are integrated with the company’s High Sparkle System. It micro-filters the water – removing salts and minerals – to achieve a truly spotless clean. On top of that, Rhima’s commercial dishwashers, including commercial glass dishwashers and underbar dishwashers, are whisper quiet. In a boardroom where important meetings are being held, that is necessary. Your clients would not appreciate hearing the humming of the machines in the commercial kitchen while discussing the transaction.


Without any doubt, it is my favourite bit of luxury equipment. Mainly because it always does an amazing job, and I can always be absolutely confident that the dishes and utensils will be both sparkling and hygienically clean

Hahndorf Hill

Service & Support

Rhima cares about its customers. That’s why it has a wide network of service agents dedicated to giving you 24/7 support. On top of that, after-sales support service includes warranty, commissioning, training, and consulting. Furthermore, it offers preventative maintenance, dishwasher parts, accessories, and detergent supply.

You can also contract Rhima to do regular maintenance. That being said,  service can be scheduled by you. Furthermore, you can have Rhima conduct safety, hygiene, and temperature tests from time to time. Outstanding support and top-quality products- those are the things Rhima is known for. You will never regret adding Rhima’s commercial dishwashers to your boardroom.


Here is some more information about commercial dishwashers you ought to know.

What is the difference between a commercial dishwasher and a home dishwasher?

Commercial dishwashers are faster and more powerful than residential dishwashers. They are also more energy-efficient; so, you can save money with them. Aside from that, they are compact. That means they will not take as much space in your commercial kitchen as much as multiple traditional dishwashers would.

How long do commercial dishwashers last?

Typically, commercial dishwashers last for eight good years. But, with proper maintenance, they could last up to 20 years. And even if the technology is outdated by then, the commercial dishwasher will still perform particularly well.

Do commercial dishwashers need hot water?

Yes, they do. But, you don’t necessarily need to have a hot water connection. Rhima’s dishwashers have a “thermo stop,” which means the cycle will not complete if the temperature hasn’t reached the safe minimum for sanitation. Just bear in mind that cycles will last longer this way. Thus, it will still be best to have a hot water connection.


Excited to add upgrades to your boardroom? Visit now and browse through the top-quality dishwashers in the company’s range.

We highly recommend the High Sparkle 50 Glass Washer for its dishwashing prowess. You may also want to look at the GS-50 Unerbench Dishwasher for a budget but quality option.