Deko 25 iX washer disinfector

The DEKO 25 has been designed to bring reliability, outstanding cleaning and disinfection performance and quality into one compact and economic washer-disinfector. The Deko 25 is ideal for day procedure, clinics, veterinary, mortuaries, prisons, laboratories, hospitals, dental and other office based practices.

It can be situated on a dedicated stand, under bench or on a bench-top. It meets the performance and design requirements stated in EN ISO 15883 parts 1 & 2, as well as the safety requirements stated in IEC 61010-2-040. The Deko 25 presents the latest technology in user interface applications in washer-disinfectors. Information and a control panel provides the means to view cycle information in real time and view the remaining cycle time.

  • Pre-set programs and additional tailored programs can be added to meet any process requirements such as dental or laboratory use
  • The washing spray patterns are delivered through two rotating spray arms or utilising jet rack connectors and guarantee water contact with all surfaces and crevices of instruments with the most intricate design.
  • The capacity can be extended by an optional second shelf including its integrated wash arm.
  • The critical process values i.e. temperature, time, pressure, detergent dosing, as well as descriptive cycle data can be independently recorded by three different means to suit your quality assurance system.
  • Downloading can easily be undertaken to your PC or server by using the USB, or a direct Ethernet line. Additionally, you may register the process by an optional integrated or serial ink printer.
  • Compact
  • PLC Controlled
  • Touch Screen
  • Multi-level access code system
  • Independent full process tamper-proof verification recording
  • Deko cycle data viewer software

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