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Day Clinics

Washer-Disinfectors: A Day Clinic’s Hero!

When setting up a day clinic, one of the most important things to consider is providing outstanding service. After all, the primary goal of day clinics – and any other local clinics – is high-quality assistance for every customer and patient.

Now that we live in a post-COVID-19 society where convenience is valued above all else, the fact that day clinics are located near you would be helpful to everyone else in more ways than one. However, convenience is one thing; ensuring that your day clinic is as secure as possible is an entirely different matter. As a result, your day clinic will require a washer-disinfectors capable of handling your clinic’s workload so that you may concentrate on what you do best.


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Why Does Your Clinic Need a Washer-Disinfector In The First Place?

Whether you manage a dental clinic, a veterinary clinic or a medical business, cleanliness and hygienic practices are critical. Washing machine disinfectors play an essential role in the fight against pathogens.

The best way to clean and disinfect reusable dental, medical, and veterinary tools is to use washer-disinfectors. Medical standards recommend that a clinic is safer if practical techniques such as washer-disinfectors are used instead of manual hand washing. It is because the cleaning and disinfecting procedure is far more efficient.


Rhima Washer-Disinfectors: The Solution To Your Every Washer-Disinfector Problem!

Sometimes, searching for the correct washer-disinfector for your every need might start to become a more daunting task than it’s supposed to be – and that much is valid for the most part. Do not worry, however – we here at Rhima have got you covered!

There are numerous advantages to using Rhima’s washer-disinfector. To begin with, we all know that dentists, veterinarians, and other medical professionals are short on time. Rhima’s washer-disinfectors assist in saving time by cleaning to a high standard that is both effective and efficient. With Rhima’s washer-disinfectors, you can focus on caring for others rather than doing the dishes! Now that the machine cleans and dries everything, it’s one less thing to worry about.

Moreover, with infections becoming more common, medical workers should never overlook the importance of strengthening their practice on their patients’ health and safety. When you use washer-disinfectors to clean your instruments thoroughly, you expose them to high heat for an extended time. It kills microorganisms, safeguarding both your patients and your employees.


The Benefits of Using Rhima’s Deko 25 iX Washer Disinfector

We were hoping you could take a peek at the  Deko 25 iX Washer Disinfector, an advanced washer-disinfector that is sure to make your day clinic that much better. Rhima can swiftly give you a highly functional washer-disinfector that your day clinic can utilize at any time of day!

Furthermore, the  Deko 25 iX Washer Disinfector is a multi-tasking, functionally stable disinfector that can handle all of your day clinic’s washing requirements. You can trust the Deko 25 iX Washer Disinfector to clean and disinfect everything in your day clinic, from instruments to medical tools – and in perfect style! It’s also an easy, safe, and cost-effective answer to your day clinic’s washing issues.

It’s a washing machine that can handle practically every cleaning task in the ward swiftly, conveniently, and hygienically.  The Deko 25 is ideal for

  • Day procedure
  • Clinics
  • Veterinary
  • Mortuaries
  • Prisons
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Dental
  • Other office based practices

In the long term, it’s more convenient! The Rhima Deko 25 iX Washer Disinfector is a dependable washer-disinfector that is guaranteed to be the next thing to make your day clinic more effective while also keeping it clean.



Friendly Tips When Choosing a Washer-Disinfector

First, it’s crucial to understand that different washer-disinfectors exist, depending on your needs. A dentist, for example, may require a smaller washer disinfector to fit in the clinic. They also see fewer patients than a hospital, which may see dozens at the same time. To handle washing a large quantity of reusable medical equipment, a hospital will need a much larger machine. As a result, if you have a little room, a smaller washer-disinfector, such as the Deko 25 iX Washer Disinfector, would be ideal.

The heart of each of these washer-disinfectors, however, is the same. All of these machines use heat to disinfect instruments thoroughly so that they can be reused.

Some washer-disinfectors may be more expensive than typical; however, you should also first examine the price before considering anything else. As a result, we’ve boiled it down to a simple checklist: Heavy-duty, Affordably priced, Reliable, and Positions rapidly in your space or HARP for short. This straightforward checklist should assist you in finding the ideal washer-disinfector.


Service & Support

The Deko 25 iX Washer Disinfector, no matter how much we excite it as a dependable and functional machine, is prone to mechanical breakdown as time passes. But don’t worry, we at Rhima offer exceptional, round-the-clock customer service!

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about your trusty washer-disinfector! However, warranties, commissioning, training, consultation, HACCP and infection control, preventative maintenance, work safety, dishwashing parts, detergent supply, and accessories are all included in the Deko 25 iX. We also have a central office that can meet all of your requirements.

Rhima’s certified technicians will inspect your washer-disinfector to guarantee that it is in good working order. Some of the benefits of Rhima preventive maintenance are as follows:

– You will be able to reduce your energy costs.

– Total maintenance costs are decreased.

– Conservation of water

– The amount of detergent used is minimal.

– It extends the equipment’s life and guards against costly repairs that may arise unexpectedly.

– Cost overruns and downtime are minimized.

The Rhima Deko 25 is the only machine that cleans like a dishwasher using hot soapy water and disinfects with steam after a hot rinse. It disinfects not only the utensils but the entire inner cabinet and piping system as well. The Deko190 is the only flusher/sanitizer/disinfector with the cleaning power of the Deko190.



How many cycles does a washer disinfector have?

Most washer disinfector machines will have a minimum of four cycles; pre-wash, detergent wash, rinse and disinfection. However due to the various requirements a variety of cycles can be programmed to suit individual needs as set out by infection control departments.

Programs are made up of different cycles and some may require a drying cycle therefore a machine may have the choice of a few programs, individually set up using different cycles.

What Is a Washer-Disinfector?

A washer-disinfector is a machine having the appearance of a commercial dishwasher and, in many cases, the cycle phases of a household dishwasher, but with the ability to maintain a disinfection temperature that meets disinfection standards. This high temperature can be achieved for the disinfection phase by employing hot (90oC+) or steam (100oC+).

Who will install and service my machine?

Rhima has a team of qualified engineers and technicians located across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to install and service machines. We can also train and support on-site maintenance staff. If you are based in a rural town we can also work with a local contractor to ensure your machine is serviced to our standards. Full online & onsite service is available in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Please contact Rhima for your local provider.



Your Day Clinic’s Next Hero: The Deko 25 IX Washer Disinfector!

You may be thinking that the Deko 25 iX Washer Disinfector is the ideal washer-disinfector for your day clinic at this point. And we’re here to inform you that you’re correct — and more! Get yours today, and you’ll be shocked at what this seemingly insignificant washer-disinfector can accomplish for your day clinic! Its stellar functions will leave you far more satisfied in the long run, and its stellar design means it will be far more durable than you expect.

If you want to save money while still being ecologically conscious, Deko 25 iX Washer Disinfector is the way to go. Enquire now!