Why You Should Get a Commercial Dishwasher for Your Patisserie

Cleaning oily surfaces and stubborn stains is an unavoidable task, especially for people in the patisserie business. This activity becomes even more cumbersome if you clean your trays, pans, and other utensils by hand. To meet the highest in food safety and hygiene standards, your employees exhaust themselves in cleaning equipment, preventing them from focusing and giving their all to other meaningful tasks. Fortunately, technology has made improvements to automated cleaning technologies. Nowadays, commercial dishwashers are readily available to help you with your sanitation requirements. Unlike yesterday’s dishwashers, today’s commercial dishwashers provide an unparalleled cleaning experience guaranteeing spotless dishes, pots, and other kitchen equipment! They also have larger capacities so that you can clean more utensils simultaneously.

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Why do I need a commercial dishwasher in my patisserie?

Unlike other resources, time is a currency you can’t get back once you have spent it. The main objective of your staff in your patisserie’s commercial kitchen should be to produce delicious sweets and pastries for your customers. This process takes time, and your staff must focus on making sure that every batch of bread and pastry comes out of the oven perfectly cooked. Throughout the day, your pastry shop would produce dozens upon dozens of products, which means you’ll be using a lot of kitchen equipment. Thus, your staff would have to divide their time and effort between baking products and cleaning kitchen equipment.

Juggling between these activities can prove to be quite exhausting for your staff. It may even lead to some accidents in the kitchen, such as overcooking pastries when your staff are busy cleaning kitchen equipment. Washing by hand also eats up a lot of time, especially when you have to clean oily surfaces and remove tough dirt stuck in your pots, trays, and pans.

How can a commercial dishwasher in my patisserie help with my clients’ experience?

Generally speaking, washing by hand isn’t a reliable way of cleaning your kitchen equipment. There are instances when staff may fail to clean your baking utensils thoroughly. This neglect can pose a severe risk to customers’ health and safety and may even tarnish the reputation of your patisserie. Not to mention, you may fail your health and safety inspection and have your business foreclosed.

A patisserie dishwasher can prevent all those problems altogether. When your pots, pans, and trays pass through the dishwasher, you can rest assured that every nook and cranny of your utensils are thoroughly cleaned. Patisserie dishwashers help you comply with food safety standards and allow your employees to focus more on your products.

Commercial dishwashers are taking on more prominent roles in the foodservice industry. This reputation isn’t a surprise since the economic, faster, and more efficient cleaning they provide serves as an asset for restaurants and patisseries. While your staff is busy preparing culinary masterpieces and divine delicacies, you can rely on your patisserie dishwasher to tackle those dirty jobs with utmost efficiency.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to own a commercial dishwasher. However, that doesn’t mean that the benefits of commercial dishwashers are unattainable. Rental machines are your best solution for getting a commercial dishwasher for your business without breaking the bank.

What are the benefits of having a Rhima dishwasher?

Now that you are aware that rental machines are affordable and reliable cleaning solutions for your business, the next step is to find the right partner that can provide the needs of your commercial kitchen.

After thirty years in the industry, Rhima is well aware of the importance of safety and hygiene for food preparation. Thus, they are committed to providing any food service business with essential commercial dishwashers to protect customers’ health.

Rhima offers competitive rental dishwashers like no other. They are also ready to deliver their machines to your place quickly. One of the main reasons you should choose Rhima for your cleaning needs is their competitive rates on their flexible rental terms (and they are 100% tax-deductible). Rhima will provide quick installation and find the perfect spot in your commercial kitchen upon renting a patisserie dishwasher. They will also guide you in mastering how to operate your commercial dishwasher so you can get the full benefits of their product.

All of Rhima’s rental commercial dishwashers have a competent short wash cycle for kitchen utensils. After around three minutes, your kitchen equipment comes out practically brand new. Their commercial dishwashers are designed to rinse and clean the dishes with fresh water that can reach temperatures up to eighty-two degrees celsius. In addition, Rhima provides high-grade detergent and rinse aid meant to be paired with their wide range of commercial dishwashers.

Rhima also has excellent customer service, providing twenty-four-seven support to its customers and regular preventive maintenance tests to avoid untimely repairs.

How to decide which commercial dishwasher is best for your patisserie

When choosing what kind of dishwasher you want for your business, there are several things you need to consider. First, you have to find a commercial dishwasher that can meet the needs of your business. You also need to consider your available kitchen space. Lastly, you should pick a dishwasher that gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

With that in mind, here are the most popular kitchen machines types that Rhima offers for rental.

Pass-Through Rental Washer

Rhima’s VH50 model has an adjustable high-capacity cleaning wash cycle that lets you choose from ninety, one hundred twenty, or one hundred eighty seconds of cleaning time. This dishwasher type is suitable for medium-sized cafes and restaurants as well as establishments on a tight budget. It also has a self-cleaning function guaranteed to ease your cleaning burdens.

Under-Bench Rental Washer

On the other hand, the under-bench type is perfect for smaller food outlets. Rhima offers two popular models for this type. The VU40 is more compatible with tiny tea houses, bars, coffee shops, and even offices. In contrast, the VU50 is meant for use in wineries, cafes, and restaurants.

Service Support

Rhima has state service centres with full backup support provided by a network of qualified service agents. All of their service centers are centrally coordinated to provide 24-hour service, seven days a week.

After-sales support services include warranty, commissioning, training, consulting, HACCP, work safety, preventative maintenance, dishwasher parts, accessories, and detergent supplies.

You can schedule regular maintenance on a contract basis according to your preference.  Rhima can also conduct safety, hygiene, and temperature tests from time to time for complete peace of mind. This step ensures that your equipment is operating according to required standards.


Which is the best commercial dishwasher?

  • With over thirty years of experience in the industry, Rhima offers a wide range of commercial dishwashers designed to fit your cleaning needs.

How does a commercial dishwasher work?

  • Commercial dishwashers use a similar motion to a water churning machine to clean and cover every surface of kitchen equipment therein. Every commercial dishwasher goes through the same cleaning cycle, from filling and operating to washing to draining and final cleaning.

How long do commercial dishwashers last?

  • With proper care and maintenance, most commercial dishwashers typically last 15 years or more.

How fast do commercial dishwashers work?

  • Commercial dishwashers have an adjustable rapid cleaning cycle that can completely clean utensils in as fast as ninety to one hundred twenty seconds.

How do I choose a commercial dishwasher?

  • When choosing one, you should consider the dishwasher’s type, temperature, size and capacity, cost, and energy efficiency.

 Why are commercial dishwashers so fast?

  • Commercial dishwashers are fast because it is designed to accommodate all item dishes. The loaded quantity for commercial dishwashers is not essential. However, it would be best to place the dishes slightly apart to achieve fast and efficient washing.