Washer Disinfector

The washer disinfector is divided into two kinds of washers one is the washer disinfector and the other is the dishwashing steriliser. The dishwashing steriliser is highly specialised equipment for cleaning and sterilizing various dishes in hospitals, canteens and hotels. 

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They are mainly used for cleaning and disinfecting medical utensils such as medical basins, medical cups, surgical instruments, etc. Washer disinfectors often run continuously with water as the medium to remove stains on items through the washing process.

Washer Disinfector

Washer disinfectors are divided into two types of washers, the washer disinfector and the dishwashing steriliser.

The steriliser usually requires more energy and heat for cleaning utensils, while the washer disinfector does not require high-temperature water to maintain cleanliness and sterilization. The dishwashing steriliser typically has a wash cycle with low pressure and high heat.

Some Rhima models have differing pressure-wash and vacuum-wash cycles and can effectively remove microorganisms from medical instruments and equipment without damaging their surface structure or affecting their function.

Rhima Washer DisinfectorsDisinfectors from Rhima

Many Rhima disinfector washer models can be used as special equipment for cleaning and sterilizing various dishes in hospitals, canteens and hotels.

Some of the main features of most Rhima models include.

Many machines have a rotating drum that can be moved vertically by an electric motor. They typically feature a heating device (such as steam or hot water) capable of producing high heat along with a high speed rotation, so that dishes can be flushed clean.

When there are any impurities on the dishes after washing, they will fall into the water tank below the drum by centrifugal force and then flow back into the water supply system through pipes connected between them.

The circulation pump transfers hot water from the heater directly into chambers of washing racks inside each basket or container through pipes with different diameters according to their needs;

A washer disinfector also transfers rinse water from one container filled with cold water back into another container full of rinse water through pipes with different diameters according to their needs so as to wash out residual food particles effectively.

Dishwashing sterilisers

Rhima washer disinfector models are great for cleaning and disinfecting medical utensils such as medical basins, medical cups, surgical instruments.

Many washer disinfector models use steam as the medium instead of water because it is more effective in killing bacteria than other media such as air or gas. The steam from a washer disinfector is generated by disinfectant (such as ethylene oxide) which reacts with water when added into a stainless steel chamber inside the machine. 

For many models, a timer controls when the cycle ends so that it doesn’t overwork itself or damage any part of its internal components, such as rubber seals around door openings which would prevent proper sealing during operation. 

Rhima models are carefully tested to ensure damage or repair due to excessive wear caused by excessive cycles is limited, so your equipment is reliable and can be used multiple times each day.

quality washer disinfector products from Rhima

Washer disinfectors are great for removing stains and dirt on the surface of items through the washing process.

The drying process can be different from other types of dishwashers when compared to washer disinfectors, and it is generally divided into two types: drying after washing and drying after sterilization. In general, water vapour is discharged at the end of a normal cycle to dry dishes, while in an automatic dishwasher with dryer functions, dishes are often heated by hot air blowing out through a special vent during the operation process.

Washer disinfectors are designed for optimal cleaning and take out what would be a gruelling task of manual cleaning. They are designed with patient safety in mind, and through vigorous quality assurance, maximum safety is achieved. Many dental clinic practices rely on our Rhima models as they require a sound disinfection process where consistent performance is a must.

sterilisers and disinfectors

Dishwashing sterilisers and washer disinfectors are a type of equipment based on disinfection function, so they have many similarities in appearance and use.

Both dishwashing steriliser and washer disinfector can be used for cleaning and disinfecting medical instruments and used for washing dishes.

In addition, both types of equipment have many similarities in appearance and use. The most obvious similarity between them is that they both have a water tank, a motor to drive the pump and an instrument holder (for cleaning), which are all built into one unit. The other parts are also similar in principle; however, their functions differ from each other significantly.

There are many benefits of purchasing a Rhima Washer Disinfector mentioned  below.

  • Rhima help provides you with tailored automation solutions.

  • Our washer disinfectors are great for maximum safety.

  • Rhima washer disinfectors have great load capacities.

  • Washer Disinfectors are an intelligent solution for your business. 

If you need superior cleaning and want to buy a Rhima dishwashing steriliser or a washer disinfector, you should first consider the purpose and use. Then choose the right washer disinfector model and talk to our staff for great advice.