Industrial Dishwashers

A Quick Guide in Finding Your Perfect Industrial Dishwashers

It is safe to say that industrial dishwashing is a pretty tricky task. That’s why sophisticated industrial dishwashers emerged as an essential innovative machine with a reliable foundation for maintaining overall cleanliness. While many companies offer industrial dishwashers, not all can give competent, durable, and sophisticated industrial machine models. Luckily, there is one leading industrial dishwasher machine provider that stands out; it is Rhima. It is a customer-friendly company committed to helping every industry have the perfect technology cleaning machine.

It sounds ideal and impressive, right? So, let’s get to discover more about the different types of industrial dishwashers that Rhima offers.

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Rhima – The Best Industrial Dishwasher Provider

Rhima has been an excellent professional washing solutions provider for over 30 years now. It is not surprising that they have come so far because of their passion and will to save every industry from suffering a massive cost in their dishwashing operation.

Since Rhima has been dedicated to its goal of bringing unique ranges of innovative machine solutions, they already cover different industry dishwasher types, including flight type dishwashers to the custom-built multipurpose dishwasher.

Here are some of the different types of industrial dishwasher that Rhima competently provide:

  1. Vertical Dishwashers – Twin Star dishwasher

Twin Star dishwasher colours
Twin Star dishwasher

Starting the list is a sophisticatedly built, cabinet-style dishwasher, Twin star dishwasher. It is the best dishwashing solution for small hotels, restaurants, wine cellars, and guesthouses.

When it is messy, people tend to be hotheaded and temperamental. With that in mind, the Twin Star dishwasher is dependable to wash over 300 dishes efficiently. Although dishwashers are meant to wash the dirt away, Rhima did not compromise the Twin Star design. It is packed with elegant and innovative features. So, forget the old conventional washing system because, with Twin Star, you can reduce your work by 90%. Thus, an excellent machine for restaurants to serve their customers with sparkly clean dishware.


  1. Conveyor Dishwashers – Flight Type Dishwashers

QX flight type dishwasher
QX flight type dishwasher

Schools, hospitals, catering services, hotels, airports – name every huge business that caters to many people, the Flight Type dishwashers are the perfect washing solution.

In hotels, guests don’t eat on a schedule; they eat whenever they want. But big hotels have tons of dishes to clean. So, expect that handwashing is never a helpful cleaning method. People can get tired with continuous tasks; thus, they might overlook a small amount of dirt on the dishware. Therefore, the perfect type of dishwasher for huge industries are flight-conveyor dishwashers that quickly deal with heavy workloads such as thousands of plates to clean within a limited time.



  1. Multipurpose Dishwashers – Crate Washers

VX231 crate washer
VX231 crate washer

Food processing involves many tubs, crates and buckets and that is left with stubborn dirt after use. When processing food items, it takes many required tools. But washing and cleaning all utensils after the process is exhausting. Luckily, Rhima provides Crate Washers exceptionally for general food industry needs.

Crate washers can save time and labor because they wash with a fantastic 50 crates per hour capacity with minimal water consumption. Hence, it is the best washing solution for food processors not to fear using unlimited indispensable tools.


  1. Pass through Dishwasher – HT-11

HT11 pass through washer
HT-11 passthrough washer

Pass through dishwashers are used to achieve improved wash efficiency, obtaining better washing results by taking less water and energy. The Rhima’s HT-11 pass through dishwasher is perfectly fit for medium-sized cafes and small restaurants. It is a tried and tested budget-friendly innovative machine for effective cleaning within a few minutes. HT-11 is easy to use with a fast wash cycle operation that saves labor costs.





Significant Factors to look for the Best Industrial Dishwasher

Over the years, industrial and commercial industry has increased the demand and requirement for dishwashing. With their wonderful benefits, such as reduce overall costs and spotless wash, they are unstoppable! Thus, industrial and commercial dishwashers are greatly welcomed.

To help you look for your best industrial dishwasher, here are the significant factors you need to keep in mind:

  1. Your Needs

Even if you get to own an expensive industrial dishwasher, it is a loss if it doesn’t help to meet your needs. You, as the user, have an important role in helping yourself to have a good and reliable dishwasher.

It doesn’t mean that every popular product is for everyone. Fortunately, Rhima has come with unique types in different ranges of a dishwasher. Hence, try visiting their website because it will help you discover more industrial machines so you can find your perfect option! Always think about your needs and preferences.

  1. Affordability

Costs are important in businesses. A wise businessman knows to invest in their best interest. But being in the food industry is overwhelming, and it is hard to anticipate future circumstances. Thus, it is recommended for start-up restaurants to first try out rental machines. Don’t worry because you will not have a hard time looking for a credible company because Rhima offers rental term dishwashers!

  1. Temperature and Sanitation

One of the critical cores to look for the best industrial dishwashers is its ability to meet sanitation requirements. Being in the food industry needs strict compliance to maintain safe operations. With that in mind, Rhima’s dishwashers are the leading choice because they build and design machines by following hygiene and safety conditions.

  1. Speed (Washing Cycle Time)

Working in busy hotel restaurants means that slow work is unacceptable. Yet, thorough cleaning of dishes is a must!

Tension in the foodservice industry is a common thing. Hungry customers are waiting, so it is understandable, right? Therefore, assess your business needs for dishwashing operation. Don’t worry about the capacity because a speedy machine often has a larger capacity.

  1. Water and Electrical Usage

Some countries have required conditions with the use and discharge of commercial trade wastewater. Although there are rules about dishwater, it is still best for you to choose a dishwasher that can help you cut water and electrical usage which results in less money spent on bills.

Rhima’s Committed Service Support

Rhima is a versatile company that gives what their customer needs.

When you choose Rhima, expect that they will be genuinely committed to you. They have a national operation but still offer 24/7 available customer service to quickly attend to your needs. Rhima is a company to rely on with the best full back up support!

Also, Rhima is the house of knowledgeable, fully trained technicians. That’s why there’s no need to trouble yourself because Rhima always got has your back when it comes to every industrial washing problem! With one call, they can help you.