Industrial Washers

The demand for industrial washers, especially large capacity ones, has been increasing in recent years. This is due to the fact that many industries need to have items cleaned and sanitised with high temperature water. Our Rhima models are designed with this condition in mind. They are also made so they can handle higher loads of dirty dishes than ever before.

Rhima industrial washing machines have a large capacity.

  • Have a greater capacity than a standard non industrial washer
  • More racks can fit in  the washer
  • More racks can fit in the washer per hour
  • More washes can be performed each day
  • Sanitisation temperature: The maximum sanitization temperature of your dishwasher is important for killing dangerous germs and bacteria. It’s also important for maintaining the quality of your dishes and utensils. In general, higher temperatures are better because they offer more protection. However, some materials may be damaged if exposed to high temperatures for too long or at too high a level (such as silverware).
  • Speed of heat up: The faster you can get your equipment up to sanitising temperature, the faster you’ll be able to remove harmful germs from it and use it again. Some models have shorter warm-ups than others; this may be worth keeping in mind if speed matters most to you.

High temperature sanitisation

High temperature sanitisation is used primarily in medical offices and hospitals to kill bacteria and pathogens but can also be used in busy restaurants and bistros. The most common method of high temperature sterilisation/disinfection is using an autoclave, which uses steam to reach a high enough temperature to destroy all microorganisms.

The two main benefits of using this method are its large volume capacity and cost effective sterilisation/disinfection ability. Autoclaves are able to sterilise larger items than other methods because an autoclave can reach higher temperatures than other methods, making them ideal for large-scale needs such as hospitals or restaurants. 

This method also allows users the ability to easily disassemble the machine so repairs can be made while still maintaining sanitisation levels throughout their operation cycle time frame without having any downtime due to repairs being needed before they start again after being shut down temporarily while waiting until next day.

Commercial washing machines for heavy duty needs

Industrial washing machines are designed to be work horses as industrial washing have high demands. Venues that have high volumes need dependable equipment with easy access and loading, where best results are a must.

Rhima state of the art operation

High-tech, modern, sophisticated. Rhima state of the art operations are characterized by cutting edge technology and environmentally friendly practices.

Well engineered equipment is nothing new to Rhima Singapore. From our manufacturing process and years of industry experience, we continue to be a leader in this field when it comes to industrial washing machines. Our staff have extremely helpful so contact us today.