Small Restaurant Dishwasher

Rhima are leading experts when it comes to commercial dishwasher technology

From small restaurants in Singapore to the largest foodservice establishment business, dirty dishes seem to be an ongoing problem. Thanks to Rhima innovative dishwashing machine technology and a wide range of commercial dishwashing machines, this challenge is much more manageable.

Commercial dishwashers can also be suitable for smaller environments

Singapore is a country that has a strong food service sector and Singaporeans love eating out. Most restaurants in Singapore are small in size but still require equipment that is able to perform in the busiest of environments. If you own a restaurant should you consider a Rhima commercial dishwasher? Yes absolutely.

Cost effective restaurant equipment is essential

When we think of a commercial dishwasher many imagine a huge machine that is extremely complex to operate and maintain. This is simply not the case. Rhima designs commercial dishwasher technology to suit their customers, many own and operate small to medium sized restaurants and cafes in Singapore. Equipment needs to be of high quality, and heavy duty but also cost effective.


High temp dishwashers have a short wash cycle

High temp dishwashers are great for killing germs, and ensuring hygiene regulations are achieved. Dishes are cleaned efficiently with high temperatures. We all know hot water kills germs but is also efficient at removing grease cleaning and dirty cutlery is no exception.


A small restaurant dishwasher can save you time and money by washing your dishes for you

Singapore is full of coffee shops and eateries, and cleaning dishes is an ongoing battle. Washing dishes need not be a problem with our vast range of products including glass washers, conveyor dishwashers and even the specialised utensil washer. Having clean dishes and glasses is now no longer a battle.

Small restaurant dishwashers can save you water and energy by using less water and electricity than traditional dishwashers

A shorter washing cycle is great as every business owner wants to save energy. Our customers operate in high volume environments and require heavy duty equipment. A short cycle is essential for any food service business.  


Commercial dishwashers that suit your needs will take up less counter space than larger dishwashers

Coffee shops in Singapore and even restaurants can be very compact and it is important we design dishwashing machines that have a compact size. Our undercounter dishwasher range is great for many businesses as they are kind to your pocket and ergonomically designed.. 

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