Dishwashing Machine: Modern Version With An Unconventional Technology

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Getting excited about replacing your old dishwasher? But did you decide what features you need in the new one? This just in; the dishwasher market is already riddled with a plethora of different brands, models, and styles. Many of these dishwashers look similar but offer widely varying features, functions, and price points. Perhaps you would recognize today’s modern dishwasher machines only if you have been in the market offline or online! 

Dishwashing Machine

Technology has transformed almost every sector drastically over the last few years and didn’t even spare dishwasher machines! Indeed, Rhima Singapore dishwashers could be the ideal example, featuring innovative technology for dishwashing. Let’s roll onto this entire write-up to learn more…

Rhima: one dishwashing solution for all!

Rhima Singapore dishwashers are automatic machines that clean utensils, cookware, and dishes out with the help of in-build cleaners. Rhima considers every catering requirement and serves different industries like hospitality, medical, commercial, residential, and industrial. Specialising in manufacturing dishwashing systems, we bring the washing equipment ranges from off-the-shelf to customise washing equipment for all standards. 

No more hand-washing

Dishwashers are indeed a boon from the electronic world! Just drop in unclean household utensils, cookware and dishes and right after a few minutes of the washing cycle, find them clean, shining and free from bacteria. Dishwashers make quick work a less desirable chore, easily vanishing the toughest grease and grime, all while utilising minimal water and power.

Dishwasher machine: a need today!

Back then, the dishwasher was considered a luxury product, which has now unwound into a must-have kitchen appliance. Primarily used to clean dishes, cutlery and crockery; this kitchen appliance is effective and helps to upkeep hygiene too. Isn’tIsn’t it better to use this than scrubbing dishes by hand?

Rhima Glass Dishwasher. Dishwashing Machine

The types of dishwasher machines

If we talk in general, there are two types of dishwashers;

  • Free-standing dishwashers
  • Built-in dishwasher

Free-standing dishwashers

Free-standing dishwashers are the most preferred ones; they are flexible in design and can fit beside the kitchen cabinet. Built-in dishwashers are created to go beneath the kitchen’s countertop and are households’ most commonly used dishwasher machines. The built-ins are generally placed near the kitchen sink due to the necessity of a plumbing linkage.

Built-in dishwasher

At the same time, the built-in dishwashers must be installed under the kitchen counter and covered with the kitchen cabinet, more precisely at the front, to match the kitchen’s aesthetics. Some free-standing dishwashers come with wheels making portability possible. Apparently, they are a practical option for rented homes.

The other two recently added dishwasher machines in the industry are;

Portable dishwashers: as the name suggests, these are mobile dishwashers which are just like Free-standing dishwashers but with wheels. These can be used anywhere in the household or facility regardless of their kitchen layout. 

Compact dishwashers: These dishwasher machines hardly take up any floor space, making them a great option for those without the proper cabinetry and plumbing accommodations. Suitable for small kitchens and homes where families with two or three members live; these dishwasher machines are efficient and affordable. 

Rhima dishwasher machine features and technology

Nowadays, dishwashers have become sophisticated with better and enhanced features and smart technology. In fact, it has become difficult to keep track of all the innovations. Put simply; if you need a large capacity for dishwashing, these features allow you to customize the space to your nicety. Rhima dishwasher Singapore is one of those machines that is equipped with more advanced features.

dishwasher machine

Adjustable racks

Many dishwashing brands offer eclectic customizable rack options to increase space and flexibility without increasing the dishwasher size. Indeed, some models offer adjustable or adaptable racks, added third racks, and fold-down tines. Frankly, adjustable racks enable you to raise or lower the stands to fit dishes of different sizes and shapes. 

Moreover, it provides an extra spaced rack for washing small items like (cutlery spoons, tongs, knives, and forks) and even large utensils. Some advanced models offer fold-down tines, leaving them up to hold small dishes and glassware or folding them down to acclimate space for larger dishes.

Sensor Technology

Today dishwashers come with advanced technology and sensors, commonly known as “sixth-sense technology.” The inbuilt sensors in the dishwasher machine sense the amount of dirt, food particles and grime in each dishwasher’s load. Dishwashers with sensors are highly favoured as they avert wastage by adjusting the level of water and amount of detergent required for washing dishes. 

Rhima Singapore dishwasher reduces the handwork by letting you adjust the soap and water levels for the wash cycle accordingly. Further, the temperature sensors maintain an appropriate water temperature during the wash cycle. Detergent sensors cast the accurate portion of detergent, and the optimum water level is specified with water sensors considering the dishwasher’s load. 

Wash Cycles

In addition to basic wash cycles (light, normal, heavy), modern dishwashers feature more metier wash cycles, like;

Delicate Wash Cycle

This wash cycle utilizes less hot water and provides a mild wash for delicate cookware items like china and crystal.

Rinse & Hold Wash Cycle

 The wash cycle can pre-wash your dishes; this typically runs a quick cycle and doesn’t really use detergent. This wash cycle is helpful when you want to rinse dirty dishes before gathering enough to initiate a complete wash cycle. More specifically, this helps prevent dirt from setting and avoid icky odours.

Quick Wash Cycle

It is a short cycle that hardly takes 20 to 30 minutes and can be used if you already have pre-washed your dishes to follow hygiene. Apparently, it treats the dishes with hot water and high pressure to sanitize them completely.

Power Wash Cycle

When it comes to big vessels, this wash cycle comes into play! By providing a longer wash, using more water and high temperature, this wash cycle helps the big vessels get clean too efficiently. Also, one can wash your pots and pans provided they are dishwasher safe. This wash cycle is highly used in industries like; hospitality and medicine to get squeaky clean vessels! 

Half-load Wash Cycle

Sometimes you want to fill the upper or lower washing rack; in such scenarios half-load cycle only uses a spray arm for the upper or lower rack. It is simply useful when you only have a few dishes to wash; fill up either the upper rack or lower to wash the dishes. 

HT-14 Optima pass through dishwasher with heat recovery

Moreover, it is an environmentally safe approach as the cycle uses less water and washes for a shorter time, reducing water and energy consumption. Rhima’s environmental initiative is well followed here! And this is what Rhima Singapore strives for… Rethink Reuse Rhima

Dishing it out! 

The dishwasher machine has become necessary in the kitchen, no matter what facility it is in. Whether you are finally making a leap from hand-washing or just want to upgrade your dishwasher, choosing the right dishwasher is important. The aspects like type, size, style, capacity, cost, and all that jazz are a must to consider for a dishwasher. Rhima Singapore dishwasher machine can be the one you probably are looking for! Rhima Singapore has different customized options; just find the one that fits well to your needs!