General Washers – Custom Built

General washers to clean laboratory glassware, cutting boards, knife boxes, weigh heads, mixing bowls and other production materials. The machines can be built to order and to your specification or there are a large range of off-the-shelf products.

Rhima can supply machines built to order and to your specifications to comply with HACCP guidelines. There is also a large range of off-the-shelf products and they can make a site visit to discuss your requirements.

Rhima can also provide custom built utensil washers. These washers use a particular technology which allows various regulating systems to be implemented to heat the water, with customised programs for the washing of utensils and designed to obtain maximum energy efficiency. These machines are equipped with:

  • Reduced footprint.
  • Delicate washing system, to ensure the integrity of the utensils.
  • Integrated sanitising system.

These machines are equipped with programs which can be customised to remove even the most stubborn residue and at the same time preserving the integrity of the product, after frequent washes.

  • Maximum hygiene, according to pharmaceutical standards
  • Washing capacity based on the customer’s requirements
  • Customized washing programs based on the type of residue to be treated

Rhima supplies Industrial mixing bowl washing systems for the confectionery industry, fully automated and designed to optimise production processes. These systems ensure washing cycles with perfect sanitisation of the product, according to the highest hygiene standards, certified by a rigid protocol aimed at preventing any possible contamination of foods.

  • Washing capacity up to 20 industrial mixing bowls/hour.
  • Maximum hygiene and impeccable microbiological results, ensured by perfect washing and drying cycles.
  • This product can be fully customized on the basis of the customer’s requirements.

Other issues such as waste removal, water recycling also play an important role in the choice of a washing machine. Rhima have stand alone RO units specifically to suit our general washers.

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