Commercial Dishwasher open Rack 50 x 50, 500mm x 500mm

Suitable for most underbench and passthrough dishwashers GS-50 or High Sparkle 50 or HT-11 or HT-14 Optima or RX rack conveyor models.

This 50x50cm rack is suitable for glasses and dishes. The prongs help to hold dishes firm during wash cycles and also allows them to be hygienically cleaned with the correct spacing. It is made of polypropylene to ensure longevity and can be stacked.

If required, two racks can be placed in the underbench dishwasher stacked on top of each other to wash more items in half the time. However please ensure cups and glasses are placed in the lower rack & plates and cutlery are placed on the upper rack. Ensure that items are not out of gauge on the lower rack.

Name: Glass Basket grey (part number: 010G)

Size: 500mm x 500mm

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