GS-50 underbench dishwasher

With the washing power of a pass-through machine the GS-50 is perfect for childcare centres, small to medium sized restaurants or cafés and other food outlets that need to comply with HACCP guidelines.

The GS-50 underbench dishwasher is the workhorse of Rhima’s range. Compact, powerful and affordable. The perfect machine for washing and sanitising cups, saucers, plates, glasses, containers, cutlery and most equipment used in a commercial kitchen environment.

The GS-50 underbench dishwasher is suitable, depending on the type of operation, to wash up for approximately 30 people per hour.


  • Double walled door which means that less heat escapes and the machine is not hot to touch
  • Easy to use soft touch panel that shows temperature and alarm errors
  • Thermostop safety system that ensures the machine has reached the correct temperatures before completing the cycle in order to comply with HACCP guidelines
  • Built in detergent and rinse aid pump which means that the chemicals connected to the machine are automatically dosed and injected
  • Easy to remove nozzles and filter for cleaning
  • Back flow prevention valve that stops the dirty water from leaking back into the clean wash water
  • Four cycles pre-set to 60/90/120 and 180 seconds
  • Low water consumption (approximately 2.3ltrs per cycle)
  • AISI304 Stainless Steel design
  • The GS-50 has an automatic drain pump – this means that the machine can be installed in places where the actual waste connection is above the machine outlet point. (Maximum height of 50cm).
  • Hard working, cost effective and quiet, the GS-50 is the perfect candidate for budget conscious, small to medium sized restaurants, bars and catering facilities.

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    • Power supply 240V
    • Total power 3.02 kW
    • Total current 15 amp
    • Wash tank capacity 29 ltr
    • Rinse water consumption (per cycle) 2.3 ltr
    • Rinsing temp (approx) 85 °C
    • Rack size 500 x 500 mm
    • Tallest washable glass 32cm
    • Weight (empty) 56.5kg
    • Water connection 3/4″ hose
    Can you run a dishwasher without hot water?

    Yes a dishwasher can be run without a hot water connection. All Rhima’s machines have a “thermo stop” which means the cycle will not complete if the temperature has not reached the safe minimum for sanitation. Cycle times may be longer. For machines connected to cold water if possible connect to 3-phase power supply.

    Does my machine comply with HACCP guidelines?

    Rhima has developed a unique monitoring program that takes safety, hygiene and operational conditions into account. Once correctly setup your machine will comply with HACCP guidelines. At least once per year we recommend to do a safety hygiene test on the dishwasher. Rhima technicians are specially trained in carrying out preventative maintenance and HACCP testing on Rhima equipment. This includes temperature checks with a calibrated thermometer, residual protein swabs (before and after) as well as full preventative maintenance on the machine.

    Can I wash other items in glasswashers (eg, cups and saucers)?

    Yes other items such as plates, cups and saucers can be washed in glasswashers. Rhima glasswashers use the same washing technology as our larger dishwashers. You can wash cups, saucers and lightly soiled plates. It is not recommended to wash dinnerplates. If your glasswasher has been set up with our High Sparkle system then we recommend use for glasses only.

    The Optima range has a clean cycle which means the rinse water is saved for the next wash which allows mixed loads.

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