Introducing the Rhima Glass Dishwasher

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Benefits of Rhima Dishwashers

The brand name Rhima has been synonymous with high-quality dishwashing machines for many years. Its products range from small crates to large industrial machinery designed for washing dishes in a high-volume commercial area. Rhima dishwashers are a great choice for restaurants, hotels and other establishments with a high volume of dishes. These dishwashers are reliable, durable and hygienic, and are highly suitable for busy commercial settings.

If your dishwasher requires servicing, our highly trained staff can prove to be extremely helpful as Rhima have highly-trained staff to service all Rhima dishwashers. All models come with a warranty and are backed by a full service guarantee. Rhima dishwashers are inspected part-by-part to ensure they are in top working order. They meet the latest standards and HACCP guidelines.

Rhima Glass Dishwasher

Rhima Glass Washers Save Time 

Busy environments where a large volume of beverages are sold need a specific type of dishwasher to help out and cut through the work.  In such environments, the glass washer is essential and can really prove its worth.

Say Goodbye To Annoying Cloudy Stains

There is nothing more unattractive than a cloudy glass.  Cloudy glassware is extremely visible as is glass corrosion and thankfully with Rhima’s innovation cloudy glasses are no longer a problem, so say goodbye to cloudy glasses.  

Clean Wine Glasses Now Made Easy

Wine glasses simply by their shape and design are visually appealing. Clean wine glasses are inviting and having a dishwasher cleaning wine glasses is essential for any high volume bar, restaurant or bistro and our brilliant glass washers can assist when the workload gets really busy.  Rhima is at the forefront of technology should you need a dishwasher cleaning wine glasses in volume.  Washing wine glasses has never been easier. 

For more Delicate Glassware simply Adjust the Glass Washing Setting

The dishwasher cycle is very simple to adjust and our delicate or glassware setting incorporated into our glass washers take into account certain drinking glasses may be more delicate. Simply place your glasses in the dishwasher and with our wash cycle, you can expect clean drinking glasses with minimal damage/breakage and a clean glass is the cornerstone of hygiene.  Gone are the days of annoying cloudy stains, glassware sparkling is now a reality.  

The Rhima GS-40 glass dishwashing machine features a drain pump that is located below the appliance’s upper unit. A grey outlet hose is provided. The hose is watertight and can easily be connected to a separate power source. For safety and protection purposes, the appliance should be connected to a separate power supply. After installation, make sure to follow the installation instructions and read all product manuals thoroughly.

Commercial-grade glass washers are rated by the number of racks of glasses they can clean in an hour. Racks are twenty inches wide. The number of glasses that can be cleaned varies depending on the type of glassware and size. Bar-style glass washers usually clean one level of glassware at a time and have a capacity that a single bartender can handle comfortably. This helps keep your operations running smoothly. Therefore, you need to estimate how many glasses your bar sells in an hour.