Utensil Washers

The Utensil Washer is an Example of Highly Specialised Commercial Dishwasher Technology 

Kitchen utensils and utensils used in medical clinics or hospitals need to also be cleaned in an efficient manner. safety is highly important and the washing capacity needs to cater for large utensils including rack size. Similar to kitchens, the customer expectation is perfect washing results every time and with a low cost, let’s also not forget an ergonomic design as they might need to fit into small spaces.


Utensil Washers

Economical Utensil Washers in Hospitals are much needed

Many hospitals today are equipped with our Rhima utensil washer models. These utensil washers are designed to be economical and encompass a compact design, if you are looking for a commercial dishwasher that can produce perfect results time and time again, Rhima has the proven expertise to help. 

Pot Washers Durable and Powerful 

These machines are true workhorses and much needed in any busy kitchen, and a great choice being able to remove stubborn dirt and being efficient, proving to be the right solution as they can handle a large capacity. Washing pots is hard work, especially in an environment with hundreds of patients or customers.Rhima helps make this challenge much easier.