A Complete Guide On Buying Rhima Dishwasher Machine

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A Rhima dishwasher machine is varied in design and functionality. When you consider purchasing a commercial dishwasher, you are preparing to make a significant investment. It not only simplifies and expedites the work, but it also provides hygiene, which influences customers’ perceptions of your restaurant by providing clean dishes quickly.

In the food service sector, keeping your plates, glasses, silverware, and kitchenware clean is critical. So that when public health inspectors come to visit, you may either obtain the all-clear to continue doing business or a warning to suspend your operations temporarily.

Therefore, a high-quality and long-lasting commercial dishwasher machine from Rhima is the best option if you don’t have one or if your current dishwasher machine needs to get dishes, glasses, and flatware sparkling clean and hygienic.

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Types of Rhima Dishwasher

For almost 30 years, Rhima has provided exceptional commercial cleaning solutions. It is not unexpected that they have gone this far, given their zeal and determination to prevent any sector from incurring a significant financial loss as a result of their dishwashing business.

Rhima offers a variety of commercial dishwashing models, some of which are listed below:

under bench washer

A common dishwasher option is one that may be integrated into your kitchen’s design. With an under-bench design, the dishwasher may stand out visibly from the rest of the kitchen’s cupboards and counters. The amount of room under the counters that is available determines the built-in dishwasher’s real dimensions. 

There may be a problem if the under-counter dishwasher has to be used to wash more dishes because it is standard practice to temporarily use the appliance to store clean dishes.

hood type dishwasher

Pass-through dishwashers, sometimes referred to as commercial hood-type dishwashers, are ideal for usage in high-volume settings such as restaurants and catering businesses. A hood-style dishwasher provides for continuous dishwashing at a suitable working height thanks to the prewash table and basket exit. 

conveyor washer

  1. Conveyor Washers

Conveyor-mounted dishwashing equipment is made for heavy-duty operations and is perfect for cafeterias, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. By moving trays through the apparatus with an operational function, rack conveyor dishwashers are very skilled at providing the best possible heavy-duty cleaning, making them ideal for a variety of eating applications.

crate washer

The fact that crates are one of the most often used pieces of equipment in commercial kitchens makes them more prone to filth. Plates, cutlery, and food are all stored, organised, and transported using these containers.

Due to the significant desire to maintain boxes as clean as possible, a stainless steel crate washer is utilised across a variety of industrial sectors. Cleaning crates is made quicker and simpler with crate washers, guaranteeing that each crate is properly cleaned and eliminating any bacteria and viruses that could infect it.

mould washer

Every industrial chocolate plant needs a plaque washer, commonly referred to as a chocolate mould washer. To get the moulds and plaques ready for the subsequent manufacturing cycle, this machine completely yet delicately cleans and dries them.

If you need top-notch washers for chocolate moulds, go no further than Rhima. One of the top producers of drying and washing equipment for chocolate moulds is Rhima. The greatest dishwashers on the market are sold and guaranteed by Rhima.

Reasons to Have a Commercial Dishwasher


Commercial dishwashing machines are extremely effective because they can wash several dishes at once with a small amount of water. Commercial dishwashing equipment reduces staff workload and frees up time for interaction with other workers.

Speed-save time

Commercial dishwashing machines can quickly wash a large number of dishes compared to hand pot cleaning. One of the key advantages of a commercial dishwashing machine is the time savings it provides.

Food Safety

You must comply with food safety laws if you operate a food service business. You must use a commercial dishwasher to acquire clean, sterilised dishes that comply with these rules.

Benefits of buying Rhima Dishwasher Machine

For many years, the name Rhima has been associated with premium dishwashing equipment. Its items range from little boxes to substantial industrial equipment made for dishwashing in a busy commercial setting.

You may anticipate clean drinking glasses with little breakage or damage by simply placing your glasses in the dishwasher. Clean glass is essential to good hygiene.

Our highly skilled team can be quite helpful if your dishwasher needs servicing since Rhima has well-trained employees to service all Rhima dishwashers. Each model is supported by a comprehensive service assurance and is covered by a warranty.

It Saves Your Time

A particular kind of dishwasher is required for busy settings where a lot of beverages are sold to assist and speed up the operation. The glass water essentially can truly demonstrate its value in such circumstances.

Eliminate Annoying Stains

Nothing is more unsightly than foggy glass. Glass deterioration and murky glassware are both quite noticeable, but thanks to Rhima’s invention, foggy glass is no longer an issue.

It’s Now Simpler To Clean Wine Glasses

Wine glasses have a beautiful appearance just by virtue of their form and design. Any high-volume bar, restaurant, or bistro needs a dishwasher to clean the wine glasses, and when things get really busy, our fantastic glass washers can help. Clean wine glasses are welcoming. Should you want a dishwasher that can clean wine glasses on demand, Rhima is at the cutting edge of technology.

In The End

In any kitchen, cleaning up is a need. Rhima views it as an essential step in a larger process rather than a chore. Even after extended usage, our selection of industrial dishwashers can efficiently and quickly maintain your kitchen clean. Rhima is knowledgeable on more than just industrial dishwashers. We are experts in the entire washing-up process, including maintaining the equipment’s functionality.

Water consumption and energy consumption can vary based on your needs and the wash cycle. A washing cycle must meet our customer’s needs.  Even compact dishwashers or built in dishwasher models must stand out from other dishwasher brands and, above all, clean dirty dishes. 

Gone are the days of scrubbing dishes and removing food scraps. Energy efficient models with the right dishwashing detergent get the job done. Storage space and kitchen cabinets need not be replanned as most of our models are ergonomic and will fit nicely into your environment.

Additionally, Rhima is home to skilled, properly qualified technicians. Therefore, there’s no need to worry, as Rhima always has your back when it comes to any issues relating to industrial cleaning! Please don’t put it off any longer! They can assist you with a single call. Contact us now!