Validation and Preventative Maintenance Testing

Qualified Rhima technicians provide thermal validation and preventative maintenance testing to ensure that medical washer disinfector machines comply with current Australian and New Zealand standards.

Rhima’s validation testing complies with ISO15883 suite of standards for washer disinfectors employing thermal disinfection.

Validation tests are performed together with our basic preventative maintenance checks. The Rhima validation technician’s are fully conversant on every model of the DEKO range and carry a preventative maintenance spare parts package. Minor repair work may be carried out during the validation inspection at no additional labour costs.

The Rhima Preventative Maintenance and Validation contract includes the following components:

  • Automatic control test
  • Safety checks
  • Cleaning efficacy test
  • Verification of calibration of machine instruments
  • Thermometric test
  • Validation report

No less than nine individually calibrated probes record the temperatures in various areas of the chamber ensuring an accurate image of the disinfection cycle. To ensure an accurate reading the probes are calibrated on site to allow for individual climate changes.

To obtain reliable effective results Washer Disinfector (WD) machines require regular maintenance and testing. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines and using fully trained Rhima engineers, together we can tailor make a service contract which will greatly increase your DEKO washer disinfector’s uptime and extend the life of the machine. You can be confident that each machine will receive the utmost care and attention to ensure that it gives you the unparalleled performance that you have to come to expect from your Rhima washer disinfector. This maintenance package will not only limit your repair costs, but will also keep staff training up to date and your equipment in good working order. This will result in superior infection control at your organisation.

The contract also includes 25% off the list price of spare parts, no labour charges for the first 2 hours and many more additional benefits.


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