Treasury Wine Estates

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“…we are incredibly satisfied with our purchase!”

Treasury Wine Estates are a globally renowned wine company who are dedicated to crafting premium quality wine. The company is thriving on an international level, with leading brand names such as Penfolds and Wolf Blass in their portfolio. Whilst Treasury Wine Estates have their origins rooted in Australia, the company have expanded to regions including New Zealand, the Americas, EMEA and Asia. With a global presence in the wine industry, it is important that impeccable cleanliness and hygiene is well managed and in line with their glistening reputation.

The office in Singapore was in need of an additional washer for their wine bar usage. Rhima was able to satisfy these needs, improving the efficiency of the clean up process following wine tastings and events held at the office. Rachel Chew, the Marketing and Sales Coordinator at Treasury Wine Estates, ultimately chose a Rhima washer for its aesthetic design and affordable price. “The over­­all price was decent and the machine had the key features we were looking for. The size was just right and the machine itself was aesthetically pleasing to look at, we are incredibly satisfied with our purchase!”

Product: High Sparkle 50 glass washer