Unicorn Cheese gets a new tunnel washer

Beginning in 1977 Mr Gilbert Pesenti began manufacturing Camembert and Brie cheese in the small town of Yagoona, NSW.

Now known as Unicorn Cheese (Snow Brand) this 40-year-old company still uses original flavours and traditions to create the same Brie and Camembert cheese that Mr Pesenti produced in 1977. Unicorn Cheese has since modernised their factory and equipment, including the introduction of a state of the art tunnel washer. 

Snowbrand approached Rhima at the end of 2015 in need of a solution for the washing of their moulds, hurdles, trays, etc. Previously they purchased a large Rhima pot washer however due to an increase in product production there was a requirement for a larger system.

The new wash up system is almost 15 metres long, with three washing stages, including a 65°C wash, with chemical, and an 85°C final rinse the tunnel washer sanitises the products to HACCP controlled levels. The machine is built entirely from 304 stainless steel, including wash arms from 316 stainless steel and a lifting hood that allows ease for cleaning purposes. With the ability to wash multiple items through the machine at the one time the washing capacity has been greatly increased

The Rhima tunnel washer was installed in July and has since been washing Unicorn Cheese production equipment to perfection.