Laboratory washers

  • Deko 32 washer disinfector

    Quiet convenient and reliable the Deko 32 has the latest touch screen technology.

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  • Deko 25 washer disinfector

    The Deko 25 occupies its space efficiently. It has been designed to bring reliability outstanding cleaning & disinfection performance & quality into one washer disinfector.

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  • Deko 260

    The Deko 260 is a thermal washer disinfector designed for use in hospitals, mortuaries and laboratories.

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  • Deko 2000

    The Deko 2000 is a microprocessor controlled large capacity washer thermal-disinfector. Designed for use in all medical & pharmaceutical establishments, it has been built to withstand continual use.

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    Deko 2000 washer disinfector
  • Laboratory washers

    From bench top to pass through, machines are available with full process verification, demineralised rinse and special racking to suit microscope slides, pipettes, flasks and other items used in laboratories.

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