• In Day Procedure

    Washer Disinfectors - The Deko 25 is ideal for day procedure, dental, vetinary and small office based practices. It can be situated on a dedicated stand, under bench or on a benchtop. Equipped with logic control it also has an integrated printer.

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    Pharmaceutical In Day Procedure
  • At ward level

    At ward level, whether items need to be steralised or simply disinfected, they first need to be cleaned. The Deko 190 automatically flushes, washes and disinfects bedpans, urine bottles, buckets, kidney bowls and other reusable items at ward level that need disinfecting.

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    Pharmaceutical bedpan and utensil washers
  • In CSSD / TSSU

    The Deko machines are large capacity, washer thermal-disinfectors. Designed for use in all medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary establishments, it has been built to withstand continual use.

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    Complete CSSD / TSSU Fit outs
  • Thermal validation & maintenance

    Rhima's thermal validation testing uses the most advanced data acquisition and reporting software available to validate the entire process of your washer disinfector.

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    Thermal validation and maintenance
  • Pharmaceutical washers

    From bench top to pass through, machines are available with full process verification and demineralised rinse suited for high risk areas.

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    Pharmaceutical washers