Ward Washing

The words cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and sterilizing are used a lot in our industry. Unfortunately these process terms have been hijacked by different industries resulting in confusion and misinterpretation. Without going into too much academic detail we would like to offer a basic explanation, which we believe would be useful to users of our ware washing products.

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  • In your coffee shop

    Commercial dishwashers for use in small coffee shops, coffee lounges, board rooms and other rest areas where people gather and use cups, glasses or crockery.

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    Stack & wash dishwashers - The revolutionary concept allows you to wash and then store the items ready for the next shift, saving you the relevant space and storage costs.

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  • In day procedures

    Washer Disinfectors - The Deko 25 is ideal for day procedure, dental, vetinary and small office based practices. It can be situated on a dedicated stand, under bench or on a benchtop. Equipped with logic control it also has an integrated printer.

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    Washer Disinfectors for in day procedure
  • At the ward level

    At ward level, whether items such as bedpans need to be steralised or simply disinfected, they first need to be cleaned. The Deko 190 automatically flushes, washes and disinfects bedpans, urine bottles, buckets, kidney bowls and other reusable items at ward level that need disinfecting.

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    The Deko machines are large capacity, washer thermal-disinfectors. Designed for use in all medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary establishments, it has been built to withstand continual use.

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  • Trolley Washers

    CSSD / TSSU - High performance trolley washers which are custom built to suit each and every location. These machines are multi programmable systems.

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  • In your kitchen

    Cups, cutlery, glasses and many other items that come into contact with patients need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. Rhima supplies state of the art dishwashing systems, including soiled dish preparation. Hospital trolley washing and granule style pot washers ensure total hygiene in all food service areas.

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  • Bin Washers

    High performance bin washers which are custom built to suit each and every bin size and shape. Available for: 120/240/660/1100 litre bins

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  • Utility room shelving

    Tidy up your utility room with Rhima's versatile modular shelving. All shelves are easily removable and interchangeable. Dirty and clean configurations are available.

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  • Thermal validation & maintenance

    Rhima's thermal validation testing uses the most advanced data acquisition and reporting software available to validate the entire process of your washer disinfector.

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    Thermal validation and maintenance