Deko 260

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The Deko 260 washer-disinfector-dryer is designed and manufactured to be fully compliant with the requirements of ISO EN 15883 Parts 1 & 2.

The design of Deko 260 means that it can be tailored to meet the individual user’s requirements. It is available in single door or up to 4 sliding, removable shelves. Despite its small footprint the Deko 260 has a large capacity and can accommodate 16 DIN (240 x 255 x 50 mm) trays over the 4 levels or, alternatively, the full 485 by the use of up to 5, easily checked, rotating wash arms coupled with a range of specific racks.

Summary of features:

  • Fault and warnings information
  • Fast dryer with HEPA filter
  • Filter quality monitoring and change indication
  • Load temperature protection and over temperature cut-outs
  • Automatic foam and washing water pressure control
  • Typically between 10 – 60 minutes cycles depending on the load items and the cycle setup
  • Dosing of process chemicals by means of peristaltic pumps.
  • Flow control and optional volume measuring
  • Vapor condenser
  • Highest independent process verification recording level ‘C’
  • Integrated process verification printer (optional)
  • Remaining cycle time indication

Standard inclusions:

  • Digital display & key pad control
  • Dryer with HEPA –filter EU13
  • Vapour condenser
  • Door window(s)
  • Detergent pump with flow sensor
  • Low level detergent indicator
  • Process printer
  • 2 wash shelves, 3 wash arms
  • Outlet valve

Detailed Specs Sheet

Deko 260 brochure.pdf
The Deko 260 is a thermal washer disinfector designed for use in hospitals, mortuaries and laboratories.
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