Revolutionary Twin Star


  • Labour-saving simplicity - no dedicated wash up staff. Just load the machine, turn it on and walk away
  • No noise or heat - double glass insulation means operation is whisper quiet and the cabinet stays cool to the touch.

  • Status at a glance - while the machine is running, colour-coded illumination within the cabinet clearly indicates current status: blue/wash; red/rinse; green/disinfection

  • Versatile configuration - interior racks are easily adapted to specific requirements. Cabinet is available with double door configuration to separate clean and soiled items, and/or doors on both sides to allow access from adjacent rooms
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Twin Star technology combines the simplicity of a domestic dishwasher with the capacity and durability of a commercial machine.
Washing results are superior in the Twin Star as it allows for increased contact time and therefore better results.

With a footprint of less than 1m2 and a built-in steam condenser, the Twin Star dishwasher can be installed wherever there is access to drainage, taps and power.

And by doubling as a storage cabinet, it saves even more space. Dishes are simply stacked, washed and stored in the same place.

The Twin Star is versatile. The interior can be set up to suit individual washing up requirements. It is just as easy to re-configure should this be needed for different operations.

The Twin Star double-door dishwasher is an innovative solution to a common architectural problem: how to fit a commercial dishwasher into a confined kitchen space.  

Overall dimensions            131 x 74 x 204 H cm

Useful height
                        dishes 240-330mm (upper level only)

Useful height                        glasses 220-320mm (upper level only)

Max tray dimensions         530 x 325mm (upper level only)


Detailed Specs Sheet

The Twin Star concept combines the ease of load and leave that is common with domestic dishwashers and the capacity and durability of a commercial machine.
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