Granule Style Pot Washers

Save time and energy with a Rhima Granule Pot Washer

Traditional pot washing has always been a laborious, resource-intensive task in any production kitchen. The Granule technology has revolutionised washing-up areas by making hard work easy. The granules blast the pots clean using high-pressure water and a small amount of chemical. Even stubborn food debris is removed with ease, and this technology saves energy, time and money while also reducing environmental impact and improving the work environment.

Manual pot washing requires soaking, scrubbing and sinks full of water. Rhima's pot washing machines take care of the entire job, therefore eliminating the need for pre-washing. In just a few minutes, your pots are both visibly and hygienically clean thanks to a power similar to the efficiency of thousands of people washing by hand. The overall result is a more productive washing-up area and less impact on the environment as well as reduced costs for your facility.